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HOW OLD IS JUNGKOOK? Singer Jungkook was born on September 1 in Busan, South Korea. He is currently 24 years old and is.

Over the years, BTS has shared moments with their children as Jungkook has an older brother, apparently the same age as.

The ARMY discovered that Jungkook had a new piercing in a For example, one of the nicknames that allude to his age is Golden Maknae.

BTS’s Korean age Jin is the oldest and is 30 years old in Korean age. His international age is 28. RM is the same Korean age as.

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BTS’s ‘golden maknae’ Jeon Jungkook introduced two of Bam’s “hyungs”, On January 1, Bangtan’s youngest member.

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Jungkook came into the world on September 1 of the year in Busan, South Korea. He also has an older brother who was baptized with the name of Jeon Jung-Hyun. He was born into an upper-middle-class family that settled in Mandeok-Dong, Busan, where he lived with his parents and older brother until he was fourteen years old.

From a very young age his interest was focused on all kinds of sports, practicing at that time both baseball and taekwondo and others. Entered and attended Baek Yang High School. Being in the 7th grade, he set out to learn B-boying with his friends and hyungs. After giving it a lot of thought, he decided on Big Hit Entertainment because RM, his future bandmate, was there.

In this she learned urban dance, female dance style and high performance dance, greatly perfecting her performance and her skills to express herself through dance. It is known that he almost did not enter the band because of his shyness. As a curious fact, he also managed to obtain a black belt in Taekwondo.