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BTS ARMY Phenomenon: A "fandom" Decentralized, Organized And For Some Revolutionary

Jungkook is a South Korean singer, dancer, model, and MC. Belongs to the band BTS (Bangtan Boys) since , occupying the position of main vocalist.

BTS’s ‘Golden Maknae’ has achieved not only artistic success, but enjoys shopping and behaving like a young man his age.

Currently the youngest is 23 years old, while Jimin and V are followed by RM and J-Hope who have already turned 27 years old. Between.

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I think only the ages of Jungkook’s parents are known. He had once revealed it in an interview. You just have to do the math.

BTS ARMY: decentralized, organized and for some revolutionary

After ARMY celebrated Jungkook Day on social media, BTS’s youngest member Jeon Jungkook returned to being.


The followers of this musical genre that originated in South Korea are not only very active in their publications, but have managed to transcend the musical spectrum to speak out on social causes or sabotage political labels both in the United States and in Latin America.

Among the long list of achievements of BTS, listed by the ARMY, the group that debuted in is the first of the K-pop genre to top Billboard’s Hot list thanks to their song Dynamite and they hold the Guinness record for achieving the most spectators at a virtual concert.

According to a census of , carried out by ARMY , in which they participated A decentralized and organized fandom Unlike other fan groups, the ARMY does not have a leader, so it is a decentralized fandom in which no one speaks on behalf of the ARMY. However, the lack of centralization has not affected its organizational power, but instead enhances it with the help of social networks. we will stick together. Shortly after, his ARMY collected another million in about 26 hours.

Back then, K-pop fans did what they do best: post countless memes and videos of their favorite groups, this time using anti-black hashtags to drown out those voices. In June , the Dallas Police Department asked people on Twitter to send a video of "illegal protest activity" to your IWatch Dallas app.

Even a pebble can be political". However, that is not an opinion shared by all BTS members. In the same interview with Variety, Suga said that they do not consider themselves political figures and indicated that the "ARMYs talk about their own initiatives and we always respect their opinions, just like we respect anyone else’s".

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