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BTS Jin And Jimin Reveal The Extremely Unhealthy Diets They Underwent

Fake Love + Billboards + Jungkook = We’re not over it yet. I don’t know about you, but I still haven’t gotten over the era [ ].

The idol of the K-Pop male super band BTS, was named after a balanced diet and a training routine that was.

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Jungkook, the "golden maknae" of BTS has managed to stay fit and stamina thanks to this intense exercise routine that you can.

that will make me lose weight too. That’s a way to diet!”. V after discovering through his fans that Suga had posted a.

BTS Jin And Jimin Reveal The Extremely Unhealthy Diets They Went On – Koreaboo

The Korean idol worried his fans after losing weight in just five days; singers put their health at risk due to standards.

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Throughout their travels they have tasted all kinds of food, developing a special taste. RM Namjoon is passionate about samgyeopsal and kalguksu, a type of Korean noodles. Yes, he hates seafood! Jin Seokjin loves lobster, beef, and naengmyeon Korean cold noodles. He doesn’t like oysters at all. Jimin Jimin’s favorite dishes are: braised pork, duck, chicken, fruit and kimchi. he doesn’t like shellfish.

V Taehyung is in love with japchae made with sweet potato and noodles and meat. He doesn’t like pumpkin, soy or beans. J-Hope Hoseok is a fan of traditional Korean cuisine, especially kimchi. He dislikes ginger and "lollipops". Jungkook Jungkook likes: rice with pork soup, sashimi, sea eel and anything with flour pizza, bread, etc.

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