Jungkook Quiz

Three BTS Band Members Test Positive For Coronavirus

Would you conquer Jungkook from BTS? In this test you will know if you could be the most special girl for the idol.

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This is the Personality Test that Nam did and it is also known that Suga did it. I leave you a link to the Test in Spanish in case someone wants to try it.

In this BTS test you will know the word that would define the type of relationship you would have with Jungkook, maybe both would only manage to be.

Jeon Jungkook has stolen the hearts of hundreds of thousands of ARMYs around the world, and since we know how much you appreciate him, we want to challenge you in this test.

❤ Pick Jungkook’s best hair color TEST KPOP Addiction ????

what would you be jeon jungkook? Start quiz →. Here you can find out if you would keep a beautiful friendship or if they would be the cheesiest in the world. QUESTION 1 of 8. that.

The group’s record company announces that RM, Jin and Suga have tested positive for Covid