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Loki: Who Is Ravonna Renslayer?

The season finale of the Loki series, one of the most watched in the Marvel universe, the appearance of Kang the Conqueror and left.

It seems clear that the MCU is setting everyone up for some major multiverse happenings, with Nexus beings and Nexus events at the center. kang.

Many villains in the history of the Avengers have put the group of heroes on the ropes: Loki, Ultron, Thanos.

Loki’s season finale not only established the Multiverse as part of Marvel Studios productions, it has also reached the Cinematic Universe.

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Highly anticipated Loki episode featured a familiar face, Kang The Conqueror. It is possible that many fans of the new series of.

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A preview of Fantastic Four #35 shows Kang and his variants arguing

Immortus is none other than Nathaniel Richards, the time traveler from the future known as Kang the Conqueror. Kang has had many nicknames throughout his career as a supervillain. Nathaniel Richards was born in the 30th century, in a reality where humanity did not go through the Dark Years. As a result of this, a long war took place between the Earth of this reality and a terrestrial colony based on the moon.

These Nathaniel Richards identities predate Immortus and Kang. Becoming Immortus Kang the conqueror, after being repeatedly defeated as Rama-Tut, decides to return to the century On his return journey, Kang is trapped in limbo by a temporal storm.

There, Nathaniel sheds his identity as a conqueror and adopts the name Immortus. In this temporary limbo, Immortus meets the Time Keepers, ancient beings who manipulate time energy from that limbo. The Time Keepers recognize Immortus’ potential and task him with monitoring the timeline.

When the Time Keepers detect that Scarlet Witch may cause a Nexus Event in the timeline, they send Immortus to go and kill her, but the Avengers stop him. The Time Keepers Immortus and his thirst for power makes him decide to challenge the Time Keepers and try to take control of Limbo, but he is unsuccessful. In the modern era, Kang the Conqueror returned in search of the Celestial Madonna, one of the greatest powers in the universe. He soon discovered that this Madonna was the avenger known as the Mantis, and attempted to kidnap her.

Unfortunately he had a run-in with Rama-Tut, a future version of himself. Mantis managed to survive, but her lover, Swordsman, died defending her. Immortus returns from this limbo, but to the surprise of the Avengers, not as an enemy. Immortus helps the Avengers resurrect Swordsman and officiates the famous wedding between Swordsman and Mantis. At this point in the story, Wanda becomes pregnant with two children: Billy and Tommy. Immortus learns that this has been through magic, and that this may be the Nexus event the Time Keepers warned him about.

The Council of Kangs Immortus discovered that his previous version, Kang, had created many versions of himself in his repeated time travels. Using technology found in the citadel of time in Limbo, Immortus freed the Primal Kang from a time loop in which he was trapped. This Kang joined with two other versions of himself and formed the Council of Kangs. This advice has the objective of eliminating counterparts that they consider inferior. The main Kang ended up betraying his two companions.

In the end, it was revealed that everything was a manipulation on the part of Immortus, who controlled the primal Kang. In the end, it all turned out to be the work of a damaged time gem that was affecting the timeline. These heroes realized that Immortus had been trying to manipulate them since the beginning of their history as a group.

In Avengers 2, Hulk left the team after a manipulation of the Space Phantom. In this story it is discovered that Immortus was the one who controlled this Space Phantom, and others who have been trying to separate the Avengers throughout their history, including the Masters of Evil. Immortus has been an ally and been a villain many times, but with Kang and his variants you never know. Immortus in the MCU If it was confirmed long ago that Kang the Conqueror would appear in the MCU, we can also expect him to appear in the form of one of his variants.

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