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“I have another type of education”: Karina Ortegón exploded due to a scandal with Vicente Fernández Jr

Karina Ortegón denounced "dirty games" and denied having leaked the harassment video of her former father-in-law Vicente Fernández. The ex of Vicente Fernandez Jr.

The lawsuit between Vicente Fernández Jr. and his still wife Karina Ortegón is strengthened because she is not only suing him for.

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Well, Vicente Jr’s ex, according to a quote in her profile, is the founder of a brand of proteins and food supplements that is.

Since Vicente Fernandez Jr. announced his separation from Karina Ortegón, much has been said about the couple and more when the singer began.

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Karina Ortegón, ex of Vicente Fernández Jr., He denied having leaked or being involved after the scandal that was made on social networks by.

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