Karol G Tattoo

The New Tattoos Of Karol G And Anuel AA

Karol G bragged about her most recent tattoo on her account. It is a billiard ball, the number 8, and it was made close to his neck.

Anuel AA and Karol G finished: what will happen to the tattoos of both artists?; the process to remove a tattoo: how is it and what are they.

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Karol G has more than 15 tattoos all over her body, from phrases, portraits and drawings, being one of her main attractions, in addition to her.

Separated: Karol G and Anuel AA will do this with their tattoos. The Puerto Rican reggaeton player told what he will do with the great of both that occupies his whole life.

The new tattoos of Karol G and Anuel AA – Cuban Footprint

For his part, Karol G also had two tattoos on his hand: one that says, his year of birth; and another with +57, lada code for.

In the brief, but endearing and significant text, the interpreter really called Carolina Giraldo Navarro explained that after almost 3 years of relationship with the Puerto Rican artist they have decided, despite all the love lived together, to end their courtship. On that occasion, the native of Carolina, Puerto Rico added a message to his publication in which he says the following But after the news of the end of the relationship was announced, numerous users have begun to comment on this video clip and ask that they please return.

Several have asked what the singer is going to do with that tattoo. F for Anuel". There were some who questioned the authenticity of the tattoo, but they were very few. about the separation. Yes, just accepting it is difficult, imagine having to do it in front of millions of people. For a long time we tried to distance our relationship from social networks to take care of ourselves. We never used our relationship to do marketing, not even today, it’s been almost three years since it all started.

The continuation of the text refers to thanks for everything he lived with the singer of songs like Clock and La Jeepeta.