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Totally Surprised Was Harry Styles When He Saw His Kiss With Louis Tomlinson

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And they remember Wellington? wellington happened. And this also happened: Both events were what led to the photos of Emma Ostilly kissing Harry. Things like that happen because Harry and Louis are dating and they can’t help but act like a couple. So they stopped seeing them together, and fans thought they had broken up or had a fight. But then they saw them like this And at least they realized that they hadn’t broken up or had a fight.

But then the MTV awards came. The intimate way in which he puts his face between Louis’s neck… such a familiar action. Another reaction to one of his three awards was to hug all five. The faces of Harry and Louis were opposite each other and this happened: That’s right. They kissed? This also happened that night. How did you manage to tweet it?? That was the first presentation and the first time they would be seen together after the tweet about the larry being pure bullshit. You could see there was some tension between Harry and Louis.

The Modests wouldn’t let them touch or stand together. This was Louis’s reaction. It looks a bit awkward but it doesn’t seem annoying. After Louis sets the globe aside, Harry leans in towards him. There doesn’t seem to be any anger on Harry’s face. In fact, he seems to find the whole situation quite amusing. Who knows.. They ask them if they live together. Then they ask them what they were doing yesterday. Liam laughed and died of embarrassment as he covered his face at how sincere Louis had been.

At the minute Louis makes a joke that could be interpreted as referring to a blowjob. It’s clearly old and sparked a lot of debate as to why it was being uploaded a year later. Some fans have said that Harry had made a gesture with his lips as if he had been waiting for a kiss, but who knows.

October 22nd was Louis’s soccer game, which was organized to raise funds for a children’s hospital. Harry and one of the stylists who is Harry’s best friend stayed at Louis’ grandfather’s house. This is the evidence: And this happened. Your name and number 17 in black. Harry is a good cheerleader!! Meanwhile Eleanor was seen doing nothing.. It wasn’t his time or his time to shine because Harry was there and Harry is the real boyfriend in that situation.

But ooh, as soon as her personal paparazzi showed up, Eleanor came back to life. Louis walked up to Harry to high five after they had scored a goal and the complete happiness and pride on Harry’s face sdkjfhdshj They also hugged and although the hug looked awkward and awkward we could blame the attention that was being focused on them on that moment?

Harry was seen to be quite close to Louis’s family. Hugging her boyfriend’s grandfather and her mother-in-law because that’s what Eleanor was supposed to be doing if she were Louis’s real girlfriend: Recently some magazine articles came out where the boys from 1d had written in their own handwriting the answers.

oh god. We also know it’s not Eleanor you were thinking of. And they think he is a bad person who breaks homes and sleeps with women? Harry and Niall stayed at the hotel. Louis looked like this On the first of November in the morning they had a press conference and I imagine that Louis arrived at dawn and went into Harry’s bed and they did their things and Harry was like this and for some strange reason he decided not to shower before going to the press conference and he didn’t mind showing up in these conditions Sex in the morning?

Yes Yes Yes. doesn’t ring a bell? In it they describe each other and these were the descriptions of them. Funny, loud, good listener, spontaneous, prankster. And now that we’re on the subject of coincidences in tattoos and the things they do or say.

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