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We put the coffee, the sugar and the water (it has to be hot but not boiling) in the blender glass. · We beat for approximately 1 minute, the cream.

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Daesang Rosebud Mocha coffee blend with 12g sachets each. korean coffee. Imported product from South Korea. Total net content Kg. Daesang.

Ingredients · MIX coffee, sugar and water. BEAT with the help of a whisk or spoon, do not stop until a foam or coffee cream forms. East.

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Despite the fact that, after its great virality, this coffee is already known worldwide; It is a recipe for Korean coffee that is made during the period.

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Ingredients · 1/3 cup of instant coffee · A glass of milk · 1/3 cup of sugar · Ice cubes to taste · 1/3 cup of water.

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And as for the name, it is because its flavor and color are similar to a Korean candy called Dalgona, and apparently a famous actor, during a television program, trying this shaken coffee in a bar, called it with this name because it reminded him of this candy. Or even without an electric mixer, we will tell you below. With the hand mixer we begin to beat, patiently, until the cream is very foamy and when lifting the mixer it forms peaks.

Then with a spoon we fill the glasses with the coffee cream. We serve with a teaspoon to be able to mix the cream with the milk before taking. The milk You can also use vegetable "milks", such as soy milk, almond milk or oat milk. Cold milk from the fridge, so that this drink is very refreshing. In this video you can see step by step how to make this Dalgona Coffee so popular on social media. How to drink Dalgona Coffee It is ideal to drink in summer, in the same way that we drink coffee with ice or coffee frappé.

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