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Kpop concerts in Chile have not been exempt from this new product. The lightsticks are a representation between the fan and the artist. It is a bond, it represents your connection, your way of representing your affection and that in some way you are part of the artist and the artist feels that way too.

We could say that it is a very personal item and also obviously that it is part of the show. Since we started doing Kpop concerts in the year there were lightsticks. Even back then we sent for him from Korea, when we did Junsu’s concert, some semi-official lightsticks of his.

In the past they were not as elaborate as today, they were a kind of wand with a light and on the edge they obviously had the description of the artist, and well, Kpop has always been characterized because each artist has a color that represents him, but since a couple of years ago lightsticks were an almost technological element. So the evolution of light sticks has been quite impressive in the organization of concerts. For the Super Junior concert we brought about 11 products.

We can highlight the new lightstick that they released last December, which is wonderful, it’s really a very nice design and it shows that SM Entertainment is going to surprise us with the lightstick designs of each artist, because Super Junior’s is quite good. TVXQ’s was recently announced, which also has a star shape that is very very cute, and apart from that we brought other products, all brought from Korea, all imported directly from the SM Entertainment factory.

They are exclusive products such as sweatshirt, jockey, Post Card set that are collectible and people always fight them. Some pins from the concert are coming, also a keychain from the show. That’s the important thing with merchandising; they are not always the same types of products. All the bands put out different types of merchandising at each concert, so this one that comes from Super Junior is quite nice, you can even dress up with it, because they are different accessories with which you can form an outfit, that’s the good thing about how they think the koreans about how the merchandising of each band can be.

As far as Got7 merchandising is concerned, we are just defining it. Although we already know what products could arrive, we are seeing a purely negotiation issue, because unfortunately we are trying to ensure that the products can arrive at a reasonable price. So we are deciding well what we are going to bring and what we can not bring. We hope that the negotiation is going in the best possible way and thus be able to bring the largest number of products.

In what is Got7, we saw the list and they are very, very indo products that go from even figures that represent the boys in anime form. There are very nice things from the world of Kpop and especially for the Super Junior concert in Chile this Tuesday, April 24!

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