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From Pink Cape To Underwear: Lady Gaga’s 4 Look Changes (in 5 Minutes)

Lady Gaga’s style: from her most impossible looks to the most elegant The singer not only played with her clothes, her hair is part of.

The singer Lady Gaga has had a small oversight with her dress that has exposed her underwear.

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Lady Gaga, one of the hostesses of the Met gala, surprised by taking off clothes on the red carpet until she ended up posing with a set of.

From the pink cape to underwear: Lady Gaga’s 4 makeovers

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The appearance of Lady Gaga, one of the hostesses this year, did not take long to confirm it. Photo: Getty 2 of 14 The singer appeared with a grandiose design signed by her friend, the stylist and designer Brandon Maxwell. Numerous assistants with umbrellas accompanied her on her arrival and did not hesitate to pose next to her on the mythical stairs, even lying on the ground. Photo: Getty 3 of 14 The unexpected performance began when Gaga took off her pink cape to pose with a strapless design of a voluminous black skirt.

pure fantasy. Photo: Getty 5 of 14 Lady Gaga and designer Brandon Maxwell in full action between change and change of look. Photo: Getty 8 of 14 Gaga did not hesitate to pose in all imaginable ways, showing off one of the appearances that, without a doubt, is already part of the history of the Met gala.

Photo: Getty 10 of 14 The singer even played lipstick and posed pretending she was talking on the phone who knows if in a nod to her popular theme Telephone. Photo: Getty The theatricality not only defined his look, but also his attitude. Photo: Getty.