Leg Gym Routine

The Best Exercises For A Leg Routine At The Gym

Exercise 1: knee flexion.

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one. Barbell Squat. leg routine. Major Muscles Used: Quadriceps, Glutes, Hamstrings, Calves, Lower Back.

Exercise 2: knee extension.

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Exercise 3: Hamstring Curls.

The best exercises for a leg routine at the gym – Step To Health

Exercise 4: Press.

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Exercises for a leg routine

The best exercises for a leg workout at the gym Fact checked Article has been checked for accuracy Content includes links to reputable media sites, academic research institutions, and occasionally medical studies. The ones we present below can give you a hand when designing your training plan.

Written and verified by specialist in physical activity and sport sciences Andrés Felipe Cardona Lenis. At this point you must pay attention and be very careful. You probably consider a better exercise because you execute it with ease. In that order of ideas, below we will show you some examples. Therefore, if you want to work on a leg routine, try to use everything you have on hand. Squats The recommendations start with the "king" exercise to work the legs: the squats.

This movement has variants that allow you to stimulate different muscle groups. However, in this case we will talk about conventional squats with and without weight. To start, we recommend you perform a couple of sets of squats without weight.

Use a bar with no plates for subsequent sets, adding a few plates to the bar as you go. Remember that the bar is positioned behind the neck, on the trapezius. Leg press Another exercise to add to your leg routine at the gym is the leg press. However, you must be very careful with its execution. Start performing the exercise with harmonious and controlled movements.

It is advisable to start with low weights but that work to stimulate the muscles. Do at least 4 sets of reps each. This contributes to the stimulation and strengthening of all major muscle groups. To do it, it is advisable to use a light or tolerable weight bar.

The grip must be made with the hands facing downwards. From the position described above, begin to extend your legs—not all the way—as you raise the bar to mid-thigh. Remember that the back must also be completely upright. Immediately after, perform the next repetition. For that reason, it is advisable to include this exercise in the routine.

To do it, you must find a surface where you can support the area of ​​​​the scapulae. Lie on your back with your legs bent and support a weighted bar in the hip area. Remember to hold the bar well to prevent it from moving. The support of the feet must remain immobile on the floor, as well as the support of the back. The exercises that we recommend above serve to include in your routine or develop a.

However, you can resort to other variants or other exercises to complement them. Always having the advice of a trained coach is always the best advice to avoid injuries and improve results. you might be interested