Lemon In Hair

How To Fight Hair Loss With Lemon Juice?

The acidic nature of the juice.

How to lighten hair with lemon Step one: I squeezed the lemons to get their juice. Step two: Dilute the lemon juice in water and transfer the liquid to a container.

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Benefits of lemon for hair Lightening the hair is one of them in the case of blonde hair, because if you have a hair color.

Benefits of lemon for hair – Naranjas San Rafael

As long as the hair loss is not due to any specific health or hair problem, lemon can contribute as a remedy.

Why lemon juice would help fight hair loss?

View Larger Image Benefits of lemon for hair For those of us who make San Rafael Oranges, our priority is always to take care of your health. For this reason, we only offer you oranges and tangerines with the best quality, flavor and nutrients. By the way, take a look here if you want to find out about all the benefits that tangerines have.

Because we know that feeling good about our external image always has a positive effect on our internal health. And it really doesn’t surprise us, because below we offer you a list of the many advantages that this citrus fruit offers: Helps to eliminate grease from the hair, especially that which accumulates on the scalp thanks to its astringent effect that reduces sebum secretion. This gives it a healthy shine completely different from the shiny and dirty appearance that greasy hair gives.

Reduces dandruff due to its magnificent exfoliating power that removes excess dead cells. Note: this property is also great for its application on the skin by making homemade scrubs. Make sure that it is mineral, or at least bottled, to reduce the lime content and avoid damaging your hair. Massage the hair with the juice evenly and let it penetrate for 5 minutes.

A variant of this technique consists of applying lemon juice after rinsing and letting the hair dry in the open air. You can even apply lemon juice directly without diluting it with water. But remember: only for a few minutes. Lemon and egg mask: as its name indicates, you only have to mix both ingredients, previously removing the egg yolk.

Massage your head with the mixture and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Then wash your hair. Well, this reaction is the same one that can occur on your scalp if you don’t apply it properly. For this reason, we always advise you to lower its acidity with water. Read these tips carefully before applying natural remedies with lemon to your hair: Do not expose yourself to the sun when you carry out this type of treatment.

Although the UV rays enhance the lightening of your hair thanks to the lemon, the fibers may burn if you overdo it. Never exceed 30 minutes of application. As we have mentioned, overexposure can cause irritation to your skin and roots. Always apply it massaging the hair to promote good capillary circulation and that the lemon juice is well distributed throughout the hair.

If you are one of those who is very concerned about the health and appearance of your hair, surely this post has been perfect for you. We hope that our advice will give you great results.