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With these texture packs you can change, for example. In addition, this texture pack has a point in favor and that is that you can.

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The most popular Minecraft texture packs and their installation. –

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Later, we will also be able to know how to install these textures, which is relatively simple. Minecraft texture packs are a set of personalized visual aspects that we can incorporate into each of the game’s elements. The resolution of its textures is 64 x Here you have a video with the pack. The resolution of its textures is 32 x 32 and 64 x It allows us to give a minimalist and interior environment to our houses and buildings.

It is quite interesting and popular among those who want to settle in a small town instead of surviving in the middle of the countryside. The resolution of its textures is x Thanks to this pack of textures we can dedicate ourselves to personalizing the interior aspect of our houses.

The resolution of its textures is 16 x The resolution of its textures is 32 x There are 2 ways to get to it: — We can access it by navigating through the folder structure until we reach it. There are several ways to open this window depending on the version of Windows that we have. Minecraft by default handles textures with 16 x resolution If we want to use textures with higher resolution, it is recommended to use MC Patcher. MC Patcher is an external program to Minecraft that adds and modifies certain files of it, allowing us to use textures with higher resolution.

We can now enjoy our higher resolution Minecraft texture packs.