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Today’s Horoscope Leo In Love For Women, Men, Singles And Couples

They love being the center of attention and hate being ignored. In love, those born under this sign of fire are passionate and also sincere with whom they love.

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All about Leo. Leo horoscope predictions for today, tomorrow, week, month and year. All Leo Compatibility Characteristics in Love.

Leo: here are your free predictions for the day January 13. Astrocenter Leo Today. At a certain moment, the Horoscope January 13: love.

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I know the predictions and what the horoscope holds for Leo this Thursday, January 13, in matters of health, love and money.

Today’s Horoscope Leo in Love for Women, Men, Singles and Couples

The Leo sign symbolizes the force of life and its symbol represents the lion’s mane. It is known as the most dominant sign of the zodiac. In.

Leo Sign Today in Love

You want to invest all that powerful energy you have in your body into something productive. So now you know, Leo, this week it’s time to start from scratch. Try to keep the peace as much as you can this week. Mercury goes into retrograde on Friday and things may start to wobble a bit. This week you are going to meet people who only want to provoke you, with people who only want to make you mad to take you to the extreme.

Do not go to war with these people and above all, this week, with Mercury retrograde, do not get angry if things get out of your control. Do not try to solve everyone’s life because, spoiler, you will not be able to. You have enough to solve yours and move forward. This week try to find the middle ground. Extremes were never good and you know it.

Keep in mind, Leo, that this week people or problems from your past could reappear in your life… Don’t fall into their temptation if you don’t feel like it. Be strong and do not let the impulse of the moment lead you to throw away all the work you have done these months. Happy week.