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We explain everything about this horoscope with 12 Leo celebrities

Surely you see their characteristics reflected in these famous Leo. Those born between July 22 and August 22 have a fiery personality. They are so adventurous that they do not mind approaching risk. With clear objectives, they look for any way to achieve it; whatever it takes. But, not everything is glitter and stardom in this sign. Here are 12 famous Leos who perfectly represent what it means to be a Leo.

Strong, creative, faithful, enthusiastic and highly ambitious people. If something catches the attention of Leos, it is their fondness for luxury and the extravagant. Kylie gets to mix it up with her entrepreneurial spirit. Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes is Leo and this tells us that he is an authentic man, very faithful, dedicated and generous.

Cara Delevingne The artist, since she became known, has gone through numerous positions as a model and actress. Cara Delevigne brings out her Leo characteristic: this sign is made up of successful people full of personality. Demi Lovato Demi Lovato is also a Leo: she is a reference in issues of visibility, such as the Body Positivity movement.

The man from Madrid shows us that this sign is a true warrior and never gives up until he fulfills his dreams. The singer began playing in the streets of the center of Madrid until achieving success after having gone through several castings for television talents. Joe Jonas Leo tends to be a sign of independent people and leaders. Although our beloved Jonas Brothers are now together again, Joe has run away on several occasions to enjoy himself: like when he was the lead singer of the band DNCE.

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez is Leo, hence she is a real diva. But for all the success he has, it seems that he doesn’t enjoy the same luck in love. An actress with strength, presence and who says what she thinks. Rizha Rizha is Leo and in her we observe the great security that this sign has about itself.

Dua Lipa Dua Lipa is Leo, as we tell you in her birth chart. As the lyrics of their songs show, this sign is one of hard people to crack. Cole Sprouse The Sprouse brothers are Leos. And Cole, in particular, loves to blow his fans away.

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