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Nails Decorated With Leopard Animal Print

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Animal print decorated nails – The most beautiful designs! The most complete collection of animal prin or leopard print nails with more than 50 designs of.

Leopard Print Is A Kind Of Pattern Similar To Leopard Fur Pattern Which Is One Of The Comm Leopard Print Nails Animal Print Nails Art.

6 animal print nail designs that you cannot miss

Among the many proposals we can find designs of leopard, zebra, tiger, and other animals that include a wide.

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Author: Teresa Cobo

We love embodied in the nails, in any color and any variety, that’s why we bring you 6 animal print nail designs that you can’t miss. To start, we guide you a little. Leopard print manicure in blue and purple To do this manicure you do not have to use the typical shades of brown leopard.

We suggest you give it a fresh touch in pastel tones, blue and purple. To combine them, paint all the nails in one color and leave one to give it the base in the other color. In this case they have all been painted blue and one in purple. Next, alternate colors, paint irregular dots of the opposite color on each nail.

The next step is to outline these dots with a fine-tipped black brush. If you have extra space you can fill it with decorations with this brush. Tiger animal print nails It is very similar to the zebra nail print, only other color combinations are used.

Once this first base is dry, it is time to draw black lines on it with a fine-tipped brush. The result would be like this. Combined Animal Print Nails The following animal print manicure is a combination that is often used a lot in Nail Art designs. It is about combining two manicure designs on the same hand. In this case, the previous tiger print nail design has been combined with a leopard nail design. We love the result. Do not miss it.

Degraded animal print nails on a white background The following animal print nail design should be done on a first layer of white nail polish. Next, a small gradient is made on the tip of the nails. In the video it has been done with different shades. The next step is to trace the leopard spots over the entire surface of the nail.

You must do the leopard design on one side of the nail, so that the drawing is diagonal, with the dots in the same pink color and bordered with black enamel. We encourage you to try them at home. You can also follow his Twitter profile crisgarcia

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