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Girl Receives Letter From "Perez Mouse" And Tells Her He Won’t Leave Money

Certificates and letters from the Tooth Fairy. My children are already a little older, they are still changing their teeth, yes, but they no longer have that illusion for the visit.

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europareportage.eu: Cartas a Ratón Pérez (Sopa de Libros / Soup of Books) (Spanish Edition): Rodenas, Antonia, Solé Vendrell, Carme: Books.

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Letter for Little Mouse Perez ¡Free! – DecoPeques. Our friends at Hace el Indio, the well-known online shop for children’s paintings (among many other.

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Girl receives letter from "Ratón Pérez" and tells her that he will not leave her money | on the radar

Create a personalized letter from the Tooth Fairy for your little one, print it out and leave it under his pillow!


During the night, the Tooth Fairy takes the tooth and leaves the child some coins or a small gift. There are several solutions, do not worry? This is how he finds it No matter where the tooth is lost… the rodent Pérez knows how to find it… First of all, it is necessary to explain that the little rodent that takes children’s teeth to exchange them for gifts is very special.

In the Ratoncito Pérez house museum in Madrid you can see that it has high capacities to find milk teeth. The ear of the Tooth Fairy is so fine that it can hear how the tooth falls and hits the ground, against a carpet, against the grass… Not a single one escapes. In his mousy brain, Pérez has a kind of GPS better than Google Maps with which he is also able to locate the exact address where each child lives. It can happen at school, since children spend a large part of the day there.

In that case, no problem. El Ratón Pérez has all the schools tracked and knows every intricate, including the service pipes. can happen at home. The records online and even in person of all these accommodations appear in the Ratoncito Pérez database. Solved case. Sure, he doesn’t, but the Tooth Fairy, with all those almost superpowers he has, does know. Letter to notify the Tooth Fairy of the loss of a tooth The Tooth Fairy is a great reader… If the child who has lost his tooth does not feel safe, he can always write a letter to the mouse and leave it under his pillow.

But remember: even without a letter, he knows everything about children’s teeth. well very simple. If the child knows how to write, he can do it. If not, your parents or an older brother. In it you can explain the circumstances of the loss and send greetings to the little mouse. That’s enough. Sometimes thousands of children lose a tooth at the same time and the mouse does not have time to reach all the houses.

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