Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is a former professional football player who overcame adversity to catapult himself as a brilliant speaker, author, and consultant.

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Yanet Garcia and Lewis Howes | The couple did not agree on a project of the "climate" girl who sought to raise the.

Who is Lewis Howes?? Martha Higareda’s new boyfriend and Yanet García’s ex Martha Higareda is one of the most important actresses in Mexico.

The film and television actress recounted part of her love story with the former American football player in an interview with Yordi Rosado.

He is Lewis Howes, Martha Higareda’s boyfriend and Yanet García’s ex

The actress is very happy enjoying the love of Lewis Howes.

Who is Lewis Howes??

Howes is an author, businessman, and former professional Arena League soccer player. He hosts a talk show sold as a podcast called The School of Greatness and is on the advisory board of Pencils of Promise, a non-profit organization. Well, feeling that way, Lewis became obsessed with learning about product design, business and adding how to contribute something that people valued, when he had nothing to give.

American Lewis Howes was born in Ohio on March 16, 1. He always dreamed big, he always wanted to do something important in his life and he had great concern for people. Described as skinny and tall, felt ridiculous looking.

He says he had no real friends. Although it is hard to believe, Lewis found it very difficult to read, said by himself, reading was a great challenge. It was very difficult for him to understand what he read and he could not do it out loud either, this led him to be one of the students with the worst academic performance. He was an insecure young man who was looking for how to fit in, he did not finish finding his place in the world.

At home he lived through very hard times, such as his parents’ divorce, his brother’s going to prison and one of the worst things that can happen to a child, being sexually abused when he was just 5 years old. It was a time marked by depression. From bankruptcy to earning millions of dollars on the Internet As we have already told you, Lewis Howes had a rather eventful childhood.

Still, he kept dreaming. I wanted to be a professional athlete, be in the Olympics. So he focused all his energies on pursuing that dream and making it come true. He felt defeated and lost, without identity. He was broke and not knowing how to recover or what direction his life would take. It was there that he became interested in learning about business on the Internet, about marketing, products, value propositions.

He knew that he had to find a better life for him and it was then that he realized the enormous power that emotions have over our minds. Today, Lewis has gone on to create multi-million dollar online businesses. So he began to spend a lot of time getting to know and interacting on this social network.

But Howes was not satisfied with creating the group, he began to provide resources for the professionals who were part of it. Organized events to connect offline and promoted members’ exchange of interviews on SportsNetworker. It is a guide to use social networks to boost business. In it, this successful businessman teaches you everything about LinkedIn so that you can take advantage of all the business opportunities that exist on that social network.

What the author is looking for is to teach you how to put marketing strategies into operation with powerful webinars to grow your business.

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