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The "Lexa Syndrome", The Main Legacy Of ‘The 100’

Lexa is a fictional character on the American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series The, produced by The CW. The recurring television character does not appear in the books on which the series is based.

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Lexa is a recurring character in the second, third and seventh seasons. He is portrayed by Alycia Debnam-Carey. debuts in "Fog of War".

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The "Lexa syndrome", the main legacy of ‘Los ‘

Ships: Camren, Clexa, Octaven, Norminah, and Trolly This texting fic has both Fifth Harmony and Octavia, Raven, Clarke, and Lexa from The

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6 years ago By Mauro Verdolino The third season of The ended, and it was time to talk about Lexa’s death. After the end of Thirteen, Clexa fans were outraged by the decision that was made in the writers’ room. They came to brand the series as homophobic and they even read things like happy lesbian, dead lesbian. It is understandable that they are angry about death, but to say that to the writers is to underestimate and disrespect them.

Killing Wells in the first season, Finn in the second, the huge killings, the death of the Ice Queen and now with Lexa confirm that for us. Each death in The served for our characters to grow or decline, all depending on how close they are to the character. During these years we saw Heda protect her people no matter who she had to hurt. sure it was radiation.

Lexa was an ALIE with years of experience who understood that Clarke was the solution to all her problems. The chip that was removed from Lexa’s neck was the answer to everything. It doesn’t matter if Lexa was a lesbian, what matters is that her death has meaning.

Today, thanks to Heda’s departure, the writers of The closed a perfect circle in which we understand that the past, present and future of the Earth was born in the same place. Christopher Nolan had one of his characters say in a movie that he’s pretty well known You die a hero or do you live long enough to become a villain.

We say goodbye to her with sadness and along with Clarke there are many who took time to forgive her for what she did but we all had the time to do it. She with Clarke felt safe and knew that she could lower her guard. She died for Clarke: she died because love is weakness and although they know it, no person is strong enough not to feel love.

In the season finale they gave closure to that relationship: it was not at the request of the fans, it was something they already had planned and it was very nice.

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