Life Areas


The fundamental areas of life are: physical, intellectual, affective, professional, spiritual, and economic. Learn in this course how to handle each of.

THE 12 BASIC AREAS OF OUR LIFE It is important to know these basic areas, in addition to understanding what each one consists of and making a.

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Physiological area Physical area Cognitive area Emotional area Sexual and reproductive area Social area Academic and/or professional area Area.

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THE 9 AREAS OF LIFE · 1. Emotional 2. Motivation/Recreation 3. Development (physical, mental, spiritual) 4. Loving/Sexual 5. Social/Financial (labour) 6.

THE 4 FUNDAMENTAL AREAS OF OUR LIFE. WHICH ARE? – psychology and development

What are the areas of life? · Financial and professional area. Mental and educational area. · Physical and health area. · Family Area and.

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The first step is to reflect, to understand where we are failing. Others deny the sexual part, instead of channeling that energy into something productive, they repress and damage their body. There are those who completely neglect the spiritual until they reach an existential crisis or feel an emptiness in their lives. We must dedicate at least a few minutes of the day to personal projects, to have a purpose, they are part of the motivational system and greatly influence our health, well-being, cognitive ability, social and economic position.

The decisions we make every moment determine our future and quality of life, and are largely influenced by our emotional state. It is essential to understand our emotions, accept them and work on them, both positive and negative, since all of them bring benefits to our health and help our survival when they are approached in the right way.

The physical, mental and spiritual part are interrelated and depend on each other, however, it is not necessary to develop all of these at the same time, nor in the same way. Mental disorders occur frequently and usually seriously affect the population, causing great damage due to the negative impact they have on people’s health.

Love is a complex neurobiological phenomenon based on trust, conviction, pleasure and rewarding activities, necessary for survival and motivation that govern activities such as feeding, sex and reproduction. Social Human beings are social by nature, they need interaction with other human beings to maintain balance and health.

Having clean air, water and land, and free from noise, visual or light pollution are essential for the proper development of the person, highlighting that pollution is one of the main sources of health risks worldwide. If necessary, supplementing vitamin B12 and omega-3 when required. It’s a plant-based diet.

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Why Area of ​​Life Starts its Personal Evolution