Light Brown Hair With Highlights

How To Get A Light Ash Brown In 4 Steps – What Color Number To Choose

Light brown has 5 highlights or basic secondary tones.

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If you do not want to carry out a complete coloration, bleach your hair; If your hair is light brown, blonde tones will give all the light to your face.

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Golden brown is achieved by mixing dark (or medium) brown bases with golden highlights. It is an undertone that favors everyone.

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Thus, brown hair should avoid light highlights adjusted to the root, especially if they are thick, to opt for works of «.

How to Get a Light Ash Brown in 4 steps – What color number to choose

First of all, you should get a whitish blonde color and then dye your hair gray. Even if you only do a few highlights, this coloration requires a.

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If you want to give your hair a color change, babylights highlights are a good way to do it. To make these highlights, color begins at the root of the hair and is lowered to two shades of your natural hair color, resulting in very natural and flattering highlights without changing the color of your hair. To make babylight highlights, the same technique is used as in balayage highlights. To do this, the strands are impregnated with the dye from the root of the hair to the ends to gradually degrade the tone of the hair naturally.

The result: subtle highlights that give your hair greater volume and movement. Difference between balayage highlights and babylight highlights The main difference between balayage highlights and babylight highlights is the concept itself. Balayage highlights consist of a technique and babylights highlights are a type of coloration.

The balayage technique is a sweep that is applied little by little to the entire hair strand by strand. It can be applied to all types of hair, whatever its color, from the root to the ends or from the middle to the ends. The babylights wicks are a coloration that simulates the natural reflections that babies have. It is applied especially on blonde and chestnut hair, to give that blonde touch at the end of the hair, providing that extra shine.

Photos of babylights highlights If you decide to bet on showing off the trend of the moment on your hair, do not forget that you have to take good care of your hair. To do this, use specific products for highlights, apply a hair mask 2 days a week and avoid anything you can apply direct heat to your hair.

It is advisable that you touch up your highlights every two months and that you follow a good hair care routine.