Lined For Droopy Eyelid

5 Eyeliners That Favor Droopy Or Hooded Eyelids

EYELINER FOR FALLEN OR HOODED EYELIDS: EYELINER FOR HOODED EYES. In this video I show you the technique to make an eyeliner with a tail or cat.

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The droopy eyelid is something that worries many women when it comes to makeup, since this small problem can cause your makeup.

If you answered yes to one of these questions, your eyelid is drooping or hooded and you have to make up it differently from your eyes.

Stay today and discover how to make an eyeliner for droopy eyelids and how Tricks to delineate droopy eyelids delineated-eyelids-droopy.

5 eyeliners that favor droopy or hooded eyelids | Glamor

Keep in mind that this type of eyeliner is specifically for a droopy eyelid, so try to make it stick as close to the eyelid as possible.

How to do eyeliner on droopy eyelids

To do this, we must outline the “eyeliner” in such a way that when we have our eyes open, with our usual gaze, it looks like an ordinary eyeliner. To do this, we will recreate a type of “eyeliner” with a corner with a special shape, whose difference can only be seen with the eye closed.

On the one hand, it is not advisable to tilt the corner of the eyeliner too much, since when we open our eyes we will see that it is curved and very unattractive. We should also not draw it too straight, as it would reinforce the droopy shape of the eye. To avoid these mistakes, the key is to work the eyeliner with your eye open to check the result of the eyeliner at all times and avoid unwanted finishes.

Thus, the essential thing is to do it with a natural, open and forward gaze, without forcing the opening with the fingers, as we often do. As a guide, we can take the reference of the lower lashes, as if trying to extend the water line upwards with the eyeliner.

This way we will guarantee that the corner is seen completely, either with the eye open or closed. To do this, we will join the end of the corner with the line of the upper eyelashes with a line, passing through the point previously marked at the end of the fold. It consists of filling that jump in the eyeliner vertically so as not to thicken the lash line.

TWO WAYS to get the PERFECT eyeliner if you have a droopy eyelid.