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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Rocks Colorful Freckles In ‘Ice Cream’ Teaser Image

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BLACKPINK – Ice Cream (Lyrics and song to listen) – Look so good, yeah, Coldest with this kiss, so he call me ice cream Mona Lisa kinda Lisa.

BLACKPINK – Ice Cream feat. Selena Gomez | The Urban Pop by Alex Robles

lisa ❥ ice cream rap. · Chillin’ like a villain, yeah, ra ra ra michin michin dutan soto in my La Fera nomu palo nonun pikut wona tamion kunian.

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Sebastian Albornoz de Ruffray was born and raised in Chile, but decided to travel to London to study design and thus perfect his techniques. It is a brand with a high ecological approach where sustainable practices are prioritized and the reuse of materials.

My first creations were modifications that I made to my own clothes. I embroidered chains on my coats and studs on my leather jackets. Alexander McQueen was one of my first inspirations, a reference that has stayed with me over time. I like them very much. I started listening to them in the , I really like their aesthetics and the way they mix and experiment with fashion. I think it’s breaking with the preconceived ideas we have in terms of gender, it’s a progressive fashion style.

Other artists have requested things from us, but in the end they have not taken them. On one occasion we even designed a custom look for a well-known artist’s performance in Las Vegas but I didn’t use it so we couldn’t publish it. A lot of things have to line up for an artist to put on your designs, so it’s often difficult.