Livia Britos

Livia Brito wore some transparencies that lit the networks

Livia Brito, from the telenovela La desalmada, falls in love with her fans with photos of her on her social networks.

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The politician Juan del Rosal, who was accused a few days ago of trying to help Livia Brito in the Ernesto Zepeda paparazzi scandal.

To the rhythm of Pineapple by singer Karol G, Mexican actress Livia Brito surprised by dancing to the Colombian singer’s song.

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Livia Brito is one of the most beautiful actresses in Mexico and has stolen the hearts of many men, such as the heartthrob José Ron. Danny Frank.

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Livia Brito is already saying goodbye to the catastrophic event, and what better way than delighting her followers with a dazzling session of.

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What did Livia Brito do??