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The Walking Dead: Why Some Fans Consider This Death The Saddest

Notes · During the season 4 trailers and before her real name was known, Lizzie was called by fans as the "New Sophia". Lizzie is the.

A group of children recreate some of the scenes of ‘The Walking Dead’. By Cristina Vega — June 7.

Lizzie is not weak, she is only Samuels Lizzie Samuels and Mika Samuels (also known as the Samuels sisters) had a close and.

Brighton played the recurring role of Lizzie Samuels in the successful AMC series The Walking Dead, being well remembered for this character.

The Walking Dead: Why some fans consider this death the saddest

Carol, Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith find a house in a pecan grove on their journey to Terminus and discuss the moralistic concepts of the world of.

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At the moment, the two adults exchange opinions about the girls. Carol tells her that Lizzie sees walkers not as dangerous, but as different, and that Mica is not evil at all. They decide to stop, and Carol and Mica go to get water. While waiting for them on the tracks, Tyreese sees a walker arrive, who gets stuck on the track.

When the man is about to finish him off, Lizzie asks him not to do it, that it is not necessary because what is left of his leg has been caught on the track and is no longer a danger. They see a house with a fence and a well and decide to go there. While the adults go inside to look inside, the girls stay outside. At that moment a zombie appears, and it is Mica who reacts and shoots it, to the anxiety of her sister. It is at night, and Tyreese and Mica comment that it would not be a bad idea to stay there and not look for Terminus, since it could be a good home.

The atmosphere is happy and relaxed. In the morning, Mica finds Lizzie feeding mice to the zombie that is stuck on the track. Mica tells him that it was one thing to give them names when they were in prison as a game, and quite another thing is now. Lizzie replies that it wasn’t a game for her. We already have one of the mysteries solved. Tyreese and Carol march for food. She tells him it’s not a bad idea to stay at home. When they return to the house, horror is drawn on their faces and mine when they see Lizzie covered in blood with a knife in her hand.

When Lizzie is asleep, the two adults talk. He says that he has found the box with mice, discovering that she was the one who put the mice in the prison. She even suspects that she could have killed Karen and David. In the morning, Carol goes out with Lizzie to the garden.

With all the pain in the world, Carol shoots. The two sisters are buried in the garden of the house. The house goes from being full of life and joy to being flooded with sadness. Tells you to do what you have to do. She tells him yes. The next day, they follow the train tracks again, hoping to reach Terminus.

In the background, the zombie hooked on the road. They prick me and they don’t draw blood. I was frozen to see Lizzie bloodied. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I really like Carol, because she is honest and because she is strong, knowing how to react in difficult moments and making tough decisions when necessary. There are only two chapters left to finish, and I don’t know if they will be able to surprise me as much as today.

Lizzie Kills Mika in The Walking Dead 4×14