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This ‘Gilmore Girls Theory’ Will Convince You That Rory And Logan End Up Together

Logan Huntzberger is a character from the television series Gilmore Girls, played by American actor Matt Czuchry. He appears again in the final season of Gilmore Girls.


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Logan Huntzberger is a character from the television series Gilmore Girls, played by American actor Matt Czuchry. It appears again in.

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This ‘Gilmore Girls Theory’ Will Convince You Rory and Logan End Up Together

This ‘Gilmore Girls Theory’ Will Convince You Rory and Logan End Up Together. Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen all four installments yet.

After meeting at Yale their freshman year, they were both fascinated with each other, but not necessarily in love. Rory found him pompous and thought she was too straight. But after meeting each other through the university article, these two fell very much in love with each other. At the end of the series not including A Year in the Life, Logan and Rory broke up after they both realized they wanted different things. After getting into a dark fight over Jesse, Logan and Rory took some time apart.

In Rory’s mind, they were on a break. But in Logan’s mind, they parted ways. The problem is that they never communicated with each other during this time. It wasn’t until Rory talked to Honor that she found out that Logan broke up with her and he was moving on. The two finally got back together and were on a good path, but when Honor’s wedding came around, Logan threw her into the lion’s den.

Rory found out that Logan slept with most of Honor’s bridal party during their "break," which broke Rory’s heart. The two decide to go out to dinner the next day, but Logan breaks their plans.

But instead of being the charming guy Logan can be, his sense of entitlement has come to the fore and demeans Jesse’s education, career, and new book. Jesse left in a hurry, leading to Rory and Logan’s notorious breakup. Instead of letting Rory leave the party in a hurry, Logan and his friends decided to intimidate Dean and surround her as she left the house. Dean knew instantly that they weren’t supposed to be together after that moment, and that was that.

the two parted ways. Logan took this opportunity surrounded by her loved ones to propose to her. Logan didn’t want to think about it or continue their relationship without a proposal. He was moving to California for work and wanted her to be there with him. This put Rory in a very awkward situation.

Either she had to marry him when she wasn’t ready or lose him forever. It was a selfish move on his part. When Rory and her mother were on bad terms, she introduced Logan to her and her grandparents at the same time for a Friday night dinner.

Logan was everything Emily and Richard imagined him to be, but Logan was still living up to his old ways. Rory sat idly by while Lorelai watched everything. Emily, of course, noticed it was missing, but Logan never showed up. Instead, Lorelai had to take the initiative.

Can’t do no wrong even when he does. In one scene, Logan and his friends bombed Rory’s class and got into a mock fight over their feelings for her. At this point, Rory was not romantically involved with Logan, so it was all very random and very awkward.

Rory’s teacher tried to separate the children, but found herself in a very awkward situation. Instead of being an adult and coming clean to solve the problem, Logan runs away. As brilliant and elegant as Rory is, she has a horrible sense of judgment. Of course stealing a yacht wasn’t Logan’s idea, it was Rory’s, but she never would have done it if Logan hadn’t joined her. Rory ends up arrested, drops out of Yale because of her bad internship, and stops talking to her mom.

Imagine where she would be if he didn’t agree to help her. He does not fear for his well-being or his mental health. In fact, it encourages. Now that she was out of school and had nothing to do, he could live with her in her newly renovated pool house with no interruptions from Paris.

It wasn’t until Jesse put Rory in her place and asked her where she was going in life that Rory decided to get back on track. Actually, it should have been Logan who made her come to that conclusion. He was arrested for stealing a yacht and nothing really happened to him. He was horrible to Marty and treated him like a hired help, berated Jess out of jealousy and claimed his life was over after graduation. His life was anything but over after graduation.

He was about to enter the family business and receive a guaranteed job and salary. He refuses to be humble and see the glass as half full, and as much as he has grown over the years, his bad times outweigh his good ones.