Logan Huntzberger

5 Moments You Need To Remember Before ‘Gilmore Girls’ Comeback

Logan Huntzberger is a character from the television series Gilmore Girls, played by American actor Matt Czuchry. He appears again in the final season of Gilmore Girls.

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Logan Huntzberger is a character from the television series Gilmore Girls, played by American actor Matt Czuchry. It appears again in.

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5 moments to remember before the return of ‘Gilmore Girls’ | Glamor

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There were endless interviews, speculation and wishes. It wasn’t just the s-generation who grew up with Rory, but a new batch of teens and young adults who came to Stars Hollow thanks to Netflix. And with them came some disappointment. Here are the hits and misses. It is a fair tribute to Edward Herrmann, the actor who intended to resume his role as family patriarch but who died at the end of last year.

Emily for her part has lost the man she loved since college. Perhaps what happens to many bright children, whose good grades do not guarantee an equally outstanding future. Not getting a job during all four episodes, but frequently traveling to London to be with Logan and running away from his life at times makes us question Rory as an adult. We found her after having published a couple of featured articles, but not chasing the dream of being Christiane Amanpour that she repeated like a mantra from her first day at Chilton.

In her script, Rory’s life is an open field, but she has the attitude of waiting for the bond. Whoever Logan’s fiancĂ©e is, she doesn’t deserve to be cheated on. We also forgot about Paul. Liza Weil playing Paris Geller was the exact opposite. She was not only the successful professional persecuted by her own neuroses, but a consistent consequence of the successful teenager attacked by her own insecurities.

Even his conflicts with Doyle follow the adult line of their early fights in college. The same intensity, years later. Paris Geller doesn’t settle for less. If the idea was to make people laugh, it didn’t work. From his indecipherable Spanish to his large family, there was a certain condescension that felt slightly racist. Not cute, not funny, and a little tired.

nothing happened to them. They just showed up, went to the party, and said goodbye to her as if breaking up with Logan meant goodbye to the group. Lorelai and Luke are still together. Communication problems show a relationship that is not perfect, but where the commitment and affection that united them is still present. The wedding was the culmination of years of suspense around both characters.

It was a nod to that perfect ending, in which the whole town has gathered to celebrate Rory’s graduation and Richard tells Lorelai that this love is because she built a life with her daughter in the idyllic town. Finally, the final four words break through and close the circle. A series about mothers and daughters ends with the daughter becoming a mother.