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Logan Lerman

Logan Wade Lerman (Beverly Hills, California, January 19) is an actor in the Hunters series, playing Jonah Heidelbaum.

Logan Lerman updated his profile picture. February 16,. It can be a text that says "FROM EXECUTIVE PRODUCER JORDAN PEELE.


This is what has happened with Logan Lerman, the familiarity of "Percy Jackson", Y ♊ September 14,

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Actor ; -, Hunters – Season 2, Jonah Heidelbaum. 3.6; , Bullet Train, -, -.

The incredible physical change of Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) that everyone talks about

Is Logan Lerman single ? Handsome Logan is dating and his girlfriend’s name is Analuisa Corrigan. The.

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Hot off of amazon’s hit series hunters, logan lerman has signed on to star opposite asa butterfield in the political drama college republicans, which is finally heading to the big screen after topping the black list in asa maxwell thornton farr butterfield. Brad Pitt, Shia Labeouf, Logan Lerman.

Hunters los angeles premiere viewsFeb 21, He became known for playing the main character bruno in the holocaust film the boy in the striped pajamas Deadline reports that the project has newfound momentum now that james. The latest iteration is coming together, as logan lerman is on to star as rove, with asa butterfield signing on to play fellow manipulator lee atwater. Source: i. Source: Pin on Asa Butterfield Source: i.

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