Loki Variants

Nexus Events Revealed For All Loki Variants In The Series

Loki is an American television series created by Michael Waldron for the platform. A young variant of Loki whose Nexus event was to have killed Thor.

Thomas Doherty

During episode 5 of “Loki” five more variants of the God of deception were explored, in addition to Sylvie. who are all of them?

During episode 5 of “Loki” five more variants of the God of deception were explored, in addition to Sylvie. who are all of them?

Loki variants are the new topic of conversation after a surprising post-credits scene in the fourth episode of the series.

‘Loki’ (Disney +): Chapter 1: "the loki variant" – Serialized

Nexus event, fourth episode of the series, featured more variants. Loki met them in a destroyed New York and with a tower of.

Old Loki

We also start our new round of recaps of the Marvel Universe. Spoiler level: Medium. Loki’s time —or moments— has finally come after so much anticipation. The first episode of the new series of the Marvel Universe works as a recap of the character —for those who have not followed the saga by heart— and at the same time, as an introductory class —and a masterpiece, everything is said— on the mechanisms of the operation of the TVA.

Subscribe to our Newsletter Before subscribing, read here our privacy policy and legal notice. The institution that watches over the maintenance of the "sacred timeline" created by the Guardians of Time to have the Multiverse controlled. Those people who, due to their actions, deviate from the main line are "variants" that create gaps in the timeline, giving rise to a new reality.

But once arrested by the AVT and stripped of all his powers, he has little to do. All this, following the aspect of the animation of Mrs. Minutes, with a retro-futuristic-technological style that could come from Terry Gillian’s Brazil. It is there that Loki is rescued before receiving sentence by an official, Mobius M.

Mobius the great Owen Wilson who offers this variant of Loki an escape route: work for them. But once arrested by the AVT, stripped of all his powers and imprisoned in this strange place where time works differently, he has little to do. The moment he discovers that the almighty infinity gems – the McGuffin who has been moving the ENTIRE Marvel Universe for 10 years – are reduced to mere paperweights in the AVT offices, he realizes how tiny he really is.

a priceless scene. Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius, the AVT agent with the crazy idea of ​​recruiting Loki for his agency. From the aforementioned Infinity Stones to nods to the Thor saga or jokes about Tony Stark’s perfume. a delight. Another good scene from the first episode: Loki going through a robot detector.

At the beginning of the first episode a Skrull appears in the AVT waiting room. A Skrull variant that who knows what other parallel reality has created. A couple of funny easter eggs alien to Marvel reality. The first, Mobius drinks during his interview with Loki a drink called Josta. The first energy drink marketed in the United States by Pepsi in and discontinued in Luckily for the Mobius palate, you can travel whenever you want to the nineties to get a six-pack.

the mystery of d. Cooper, a man who hijacked a plane, got a rescue from Cooper was never discovered or arrested and there are thousands of theories about his identity. Now, thanks to Loki we know that this Cooper was actually the God of deception after losing a bet with his stepbrother Thor. The universe of the day: We finish the recaps of WandaVision with a song of the day, those of Falcon and the Winter Soldier with a vignette of the day and those of Loki, we will finish them with the universe of the day, to celebrate the madness of the Multiverse that already has reached our screens.

In the comics, each Earth of each universe has its own nomenclature, the main one being the one called Earth A universe written by Robert Kirkman The Walking Dead, Invincible that introduced the Marvel heroes turned into Zombies and that we may see in the future animated series What If…?