Loki Variants

Loki’s Team Reveals Two Deleted Scenes From Variants

If you are wondering what is a variant in Loki, Disney Plus series and the Marvel Universe, it is about those who deviate from.

Loki variants are the new topic of conversation after a surprising post-credits scene in the fourth episode of the series.

During episode 5 of “Loki” five more variants of the God of deception were explored, in addition to Sylvie. who are all of them?

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Mobius, Hunter B, and the rest of the Time Variation Authority personnel are Variants like Loki and Sylvie, beings who had their.

Nexus events revealed for all Loki variants in the series | Spaghetti Code

Just before we get to the page that collects Ragnarok, we see a file belonging to a Loki Variant named Sylvie Laufeydottir. That.

Different version of the encounter with Alioth

What we didn’t know is that each of these Lokis has a particular story, which changed the plans of the Guardians of Time, altering the Sacred Timeline and causing problems for the TVA. So here we explain what happened to each of these Lokis. Young Loki Image: Marvel Studios Without many details, but to the amazement and respect of all his counterparts, Young Loki revealed that his Nexus event was the murder of his brother: Thor.

We would have liked to know the full story, but it seems that there was no time for it. After faking his death, Loki fled to a desolate planet to spend the rest of his life isolated and alone. After a long time, loneliness overcame him and he tried to meet Thor again… but when he came out of his isolation, the TVA found him and captured him. We are still looking for what that means… but we think it has to do with the Thor Rana that we saw in the chapter.

President Loki We don’t know what happened to this Loki and surely they won’t tell us anymore. There is no event as such that has changed his timeline, but the simple existence of a Female Loki is what the TVA did not like. Loki had to be taken to Asgard after the invasion of New York, but because of the Avengers he ends up with the Tesseract and escapes. We know the fate of this Loki very well, because he has to die at the hands of Thanos after Ragnarok.

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