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It was taken last Monday afternoon in the Royal Marina of Valencia when it was pouring rain over the capital. Looking for the couple.

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The photos of Duki and Emilia Mernes, in love at the wedding of Ricky Montaner with Stefi Roitman. Tuesday, January 11 by Duki and Emilia Mernes.

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Ale Venturo and the ‘Gato’ Cuba make their relationship official by publishing romantic photos

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Also try our compliments to fall in love. The sound of your voice is my favorite song. I love you, because the entire universe conspired to help me find you. Love is a very weak word to describe what I feel. Because, without looking for you, I find you everywhere, mainly when I close my eyes. I’ve fallen in love a hundred times, all with you. together is my favorite place. Even if you do not know it. Collecting moments, not things. What I need is not a brilliant mind to speak to me, but a patient heart to listen to me.

You appear in every song I listen to. Love is what creates the smile on my face, the illusion in my mind and the happiness in my heart. One night I asked a star to grant me love, today I look into your eyes and I discover that you are that wish come true. There are wonderful people who are worth butterflies in the stomach. It is a sincere love that in which all fears are extinguished. I was born to live with you. Only the two of us know how much we miss each other.

Her eyes were my favorite read. I also believe in love at first laugh. We are all someone’s secret. If you don’t take too long, I’ll wait for you all my life. There is nothing worse than being left wanting. Love is not looking at each other, but looking at both in the same direction. To have created such a love out of nothing, it was some kind of miracle. When love is real, it finds its way back. Love includes, does not exclude, multiplies and adds, does not divide, approaches, does not distance, hugs, does not kick, understands, does not judge.

And suddenly all the love songs talk about you. I would like to share with you every breath of air, every second of experiences and all the nostalgia that fits in a memory. Where there is love, there is life. Wherever, whatever, but together. I love you because you don’t look like anyone. So many centuries, so many worlds, so much space and coincidence. The ability to laugh together is our love. I just want a nice long story by your side.

We were a short story that I will read a thousand times. My heart talks about you without stopping.