Lower Body Exercises

6 Intense Exercises To Strengthen Your Legs

Rebound Squats.

Better body balance · More power for the rest of the exercises · Greater caloric consumption · Necessary to further strengthen the upper body.

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Rebound lunges.

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Bulgarian Squats.

6 intense exercises to strengthen your legs – Nueva Mutua Sanitaria

Wall Squat Isometric.

leg toning routine

The lower body is formed by the two extremities that are attached to the trunk through the pelvis. That is, it is made up of the pelvis, thigh, knee, leg, ankle and foot. Both for an athlete and for one who is not, the work of the lower body has to be included in our weekly and even daily routines.

The lower body is responsible for supporting the entire body in a bipedal position and it is what makes our movements possible thanks to its muscles, said muscles are what we have to work on, so that our daily activities require the least possible effort, or in the case of athletes, allows them to get the most out of the activity they are doing.

There are infinite ways to work the lower body, from a more global way, such as: walking, running or swimming in this way we will also work our cardiopulmonary capacity. Thanks to a complete training of the lower body we will achieve: Greater body balance. Improve our body’s response to different physical work. we will gain muscle. more defined legs.

As a personal trainer, I insist a lot on my students to work equally on all muscle groups, although with greater emphasis on some exercises or others depending on their condition or goals. First doing joint mobility to continue with some light cardio work.

It can be running, cycling or getting on an elliptical for a few minutes at a moderate pace. Once we have done this we will be ready to start our strength training. To see the product you can click here or on the photo The natural fat burner Termofine Complex: With its natural components such as green tea, L-Carnitine and Vitamin B6, this natural product helps activate and accelerate the fat burning system of our body.

You can take it on the days you practice these exercises and combine it with a healthy diet, creating a routine and perfect synergies to achieve what you set out to do. She studied at the Francisco de Vitoria University, where she graduated as a superior technician in teaching and socio-sports animation, in June In her work facet, she stands out for her experience as a Personal Trainer, conducting personalized training at home and on-line for all types of levels; It also stands out for its experience in organizing events for companies such as Reebok Sports club La Finca.

Leg Exercises At Home (18 MIN) Workout To Strengthen Legs Without Equipment