Luca And Alberto Are Boyfriends

This Is The Most Beautiful Fanart Of ‘Luca’

Technically, the answer is no.

The synopsis sent by Disney describes Alberto as the "new best friend" by Luca. But our partner Pedro J. Garcia managed to capture.

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Directed by Enrico Casarosa, Luca is a Disney – Pixar film that tells the story of Both Luca and Alberto look like human beings when they are dry.

The hidden metaphor behind ‘Luca’, the latest Pixar film

The other couple in the movie. If all this is not enough, there is one last thing. In the ice cream scene, Luca and Alberto pick on two.

can two children love each other?

Therefore, it contains spoilers. It is true that Pixar goes its own way and usually has fewer qualms than Mickey Mouse’s company in modernizing its stories. But despite this, Pixar have failed to take advantage of it. But to all this is now added, also, two of Luca’s characters. Not only would much of the way they behave in heterosexual contexts be considered to like each other; they love each other, they love each other.

And it is that it can be read as if it were the discovery of Luca’s sexuality and the subsequent coming out of the closet. From here on, spoilers are a very important part of the article. If you haven’t seen the movie and want to enjoy it, better come back when you’ve already seen it. We do not know exactly how old Luca and Alberto are, the two characters who could be part of the collective.

That yes, as long as they are heterosexual. He also shares with him his love for Vespas. Until one day he convinces Luca to accompany him on his walk. And as soon as things get difficult for Luca, he hugs his friend tightly. In another moment, Luca dreams of getting a Vespa and floating through the skies; but always together with Alberto.

In fact, throughout the film the two are constantly looking for a way to spend the rest of their lives together on a motorcycle. Both one and the other do everything possible to win the race to be able to buy their long-awaited motorcycle and go to travel the world. But the two of them, in particular, are real as they are sea monsters that have the ability to change shape on the surface. This gives a lot of play in the film, sometimes they look like the H20 mermaids, that as soon as they get wet, they transform and show their true selves.

But most of the film Alberto and Luca hide who they really are. At first, the two enjoy the surface and have a series of moments that in a heterosexual context would have been understood as the moments before a love relationship. After an argument with his mother, Luca goes to the surface. And Alberto convinces him to mix with humans. Coming out of the closet Let’s advance a little in the movie.

There comes a time when Alberto gets jealous that Giulia and Luca share many things and in the end the girl is shown in her true form. At that moment, Alberto hopes that his friend will also show himself as he is; but it doesn’t.

This scene can be considered Alberto’s coming out of the closet. And the fact that Luca is afraid to follow in his footsteps is because he still hasn’t accepted himself or what he feels. It is in the race, when Luca has to face Ercole to defend Alberto, who returns to the form of a sea monster with the rain.

Or that would be the reading if the relationship was not between two guys. at least not right now. Not everyone refuses to buy a Vespa so that their friend can go to school and learn everything that interests them. In the ice cream scene, Luca and Alberto pick on two ladies.

And, at the end, when they win the race in the rain and show themselves to the people as the sea monsters they are; they two are also shown as they are. And yes, they are two old ladies who are also sea monsters. I mean, probably lesbians who have lived on the surface together as a couple. But also, we hope that they learn the lesson that Luca gives them in his own film: you have to be brave to live on the surface. Also in Hypertextual.