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Lucifer: Season 6 Will Have An Unexpected Return

Fed up with hell, Lucifer leaves his throne in hell and goes to Los Angeles, where he starts working as a homicide detective.

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Find the entire cast of season 6 for the Lucifer series: actors, directors and writers. Character: Chloe Decker Character: Amenadiel.

Her closest friend and ally is the demon Mazikeen, also known as Maze. Lucifer began working in tandem with LAPD Detective Chloe Decker.

The series centers on Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), a beautiful and powerful angel who was cast out of heaven for treason. As the.

Lucifer: The final season will feature the return of a character

The Characters of ‘Lucifer’ Lucifer Morningstar Detective Chloe Decker Amenadiel Maze Linda Martin Dan Espinoza Trixie Espinoza.

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