Lucifer’S Brother

Lucifer’s Brother Played By D. B. Woodside

God, Demons, Angels, Amara.

Son of God. Other relatives, God (father/creator) Lucifer (younger brother) Archangel Gabriel (younger brother) Archangel Raphael (younger brother.

Ruby, Samhain and Roger.

American Akita Dog

Other family.

Lucifer Season 5: All Brother & Sister Archangels Explained ScreenRant

Archangel Michael (older brother) Archangel Gabriel (younger brother) Archangel Raphael (younger brother, deceased) Azazel (dead son).

Homemade Mouthwash

Lucifer Morningstar (Samael)

The second half of Lucifer Season 5 saw God Dennis Haysbert retire and leave the universe, leading to Lucifer and his villainous twin brother Michael vying for promotion to become the new God. As the ruler of Hell, Lucifer can turn into his devil form, which horrifies mortals. One of Amenadiel’s duties for millennia was to return Lucifer to Hell whenever the Devil ventured onto Earth.

Unbeknownst to Lucifer, his older brother was also tasked by God to bless Chloe Decker Lauren German’s parents to give birth to her as a gift from God to Lucifer. Linda MartinRachael Harris. Miguel Michael originally pronounced Mike-ah-el is the identical twin brother of Lucifer and the main villain of season 5.

It was Michael who convinced Lucifer to rebel against God, and he was enraged when his father threw Lucifer into hell to rule as his own kingdom. In Lucifer season 5, Michael briefly posed as his twin to ruin Lucifer’s life as a prelude to his long game where he planned to usurp his father as the new God, which involved Michael persuading his father that he was losing his powers for God to come to Earth.

Instead, Lucifer became God and cut off Michael’s wings as punishment. He was also one of the villains in Lucifer season 2 who threatened Chloe Decker’s life because Lucifer allowed her mother, the Goddess, to remain on Earth after she escaped from Hell.

He carries Azrael’s sword, which is the main component of the Flame Sword and can eradicate anyone who dies by it. Azrael befriended Ella López Aimee García as a child and convinced her that she was his imaginary ghost friend named Ray-Ray. Remiel Remiel Vinessa Vidotto was one of the younger brothers of Lucifer and Amenadiel, and was a fierce and formidable hunter.

Along with his hunter’s intuition, Remiel can also sense the presence of celestial beings and came to Earth to take Amenadiel’s son Charlie to heaven, leading to a fight between the two. In Lucifer season 5, Remiel backed up Lucifer’s claim as God and agreed to spy on Michael. When they discovered her, Michael murdered Remiel. Gabriel sided with Michael in his campaign to become God and she smuggled the Flaming Sword out of the Goddess dimension after delivering Lucifer’s message that brought God and Goddess together.

Introduced in Lucifer season 5, part 2, Zadkiel despises Lucifer for rebelling against God, but was shocked when the devil confessed that he wanted to become God to be worthy of Chloe Decker’s love. Zadkiel originally sided with Michael, but turned and aligned himself with Lucifer.

Although he’s a party animal and a jerk who only met with Lucifer to get some of his prime drink, Jophiel claims he was bonded with the devil for millennia and still laughs about the time Lucifer. However, Jophiel sided with Michael before bowing to Lucifer as the new God.

Ibriel served as Michael’s henchman and believes that human beings "doesn’t matter". Raziel Raziel Kellina Rutherford sided with Michael and worked as his henchman, but was conflicted over the violence he was asked to perpetrate, as well as Michael’s disdain for humanity and his other angelic siblings.

Raziel joined Zadkiel in turning against Michael and siding with Lucifer, but changed his mind again. Regardless, he bowed to Lucifer as the new God.