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Exclusive Interview: Control Z – Luis Curiel “Express Yourself Freely”

Luis is a character in Control Z. He is portrayed by Luis Curiel. He is a shy, artistic student who is bullied by Gerry, Darío and Ernesto at El Colegio.

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Luis Curiel is a Mexican actor. He portrays Luis on Netflix’s Control Z. content. 1 Credits. Season 1. 2 External 3 Gallery; 4 References.

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Luis, who is played by actor Luis Curiel, is one of the characters in Control Z, a Mexican Netflix series. He is a shy student.

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Luis Curiel is the actor behind Luis in Control Z on Netflix. Luis is a shy, artistic student who is bullied by the boys at El Colegio Nacional.

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Netflix has been our sense of comfort since universal lockdown has taken place and there is nothing better than discovering new shows and series! It depicts the life of teenagers and dark secrets. The dangers of social media and authenticity of friendships, relationships and family. Control Z touches on social issues in modern society. It has impacted many and the stories involved have such relevance to the audience. The characters bring forth a sense of comfort to the fans, especially the character played by Luis.

Here is what he shared with us! Frank, perfectionist, optimist and a rebel. How did your journey into the life of entertainment begin? When I was 8 years old, I begged my parents to let me take acting classes, after a very long time of nagging them, they agreed. I ended up auditioning for a play, I got selected and the rest is history. What are some common assumptions people have of actors or stereotypes you have experienced as an actor?

My TV career started in soap operas. Here in Mexico people tend to pigeon hall actors who start the way that I did. You are in the Netflix show Control Z. A show that has inspired many! My favorite scene was definitely my fight against Gerry. My best memory on set was the positive and friendly environment. On Control Z, your character is a victim of bullying. Bullying has impacted many young souls out there.

Have you ever experienced bullying and how has this character development impacted on your own life and lessons? Fortunately I was never a victim of bullying at school. With this character I learned that there are lots of things to do as a society in order to fight against violent behaviors.

A post shared by Luis Curiel luiscurieel Your character was also not very comfortable regarding being open about his sexuality. This is something many struggle with. Since it is pride month, do you have any advice for others who might be struggling with their sexuality? I like reading, swimming, watching documentaries and all kinds of cinema. Who would you love to work with in the future and why?

I admire their work and I know that I would learn so much from them. What are your future plans? Any exciting projects coming up? I would still work and create. What advice do you have for aspiring actors out there? His love for adventure and learning is commendable. He surely knows how to portray characters off and on screen in the perfect frame. His character on Control Z has impacted many.

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