Luis Miguel And Armando Manzanero

Luis Miguel and Armando Manzanero: This was the relationship between the singers in real life

It was when the album Romance was released, the first album with which Luis Miguel and Armando Manzanero worked together, without a doubt, this album.

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Luis Miguel and Manzanero created four albums together that revived the genre of boleros and became a success thanks to the voice of.

In Armando Manzanero he received a tribute in Mexico to which Luis Miguel, despite having been invited, never attended. Surely this was the.

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Early this Monday, December 28, the Mexican composer Armando Manzanero died at the age of 85, a victim of cardiac arrest and after.

Luis Miguel and Armando Manzanero: this was the relationship between the singers in real life | Glamor

Episode six of the second season of Luis Miguel, the series deals with the fight between the "Sun" of Mexico and Armando Manzanero, during the.

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At that time, the composer even lashed out with harsh terms towards his colleague, who was preparing to premiere the series that he himself had promoted for Netflix. He went crazy. There are people who do not know gratitude. Manzanero with Luis Miguel All these statements came to light after he was asked if Luis Miguel was going to be present at the tribute that various artists had prepared for him at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, an issue that did not occur.

Criticism of the series Already in , Manzanero once again showed criticism of Luis Miguel. At that time, his judgments focused on the series that had been made about the singer’s life. It must be remembered that, in its 12th chapter, the production recalled how the preparation of the album titled Romance was, in which Manzanero had a fundamental participation. However, and despite all the reservations, the album was carried out and was a total success.

Through a video on YouTube, Manzanero, who was personified in the series, maintained that the plot had lied about the work he did that year with the singer. Likewise, in that record the composer maintained that Luis Miguel’s career was on the rise due to the successes of that album.