Luis Miguel And Lucero

Video: Lucero Clarifies Rumors Of Alleged Romance With Luis Miguel

Although Luis Miguel and Lucero became people’s favorite couple, the singer revealed that they no longer speak (Photo: AFP).

“Remembering the famous movie ‘Fiebre de amor’ that Luis Miguel and I made so many years ago, well, the musical part of the movie comes to mind.

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Lucero recalled the beginnings of her career as an actress alongside Luis Miguel, a singer with whom Fever of love.

The successful movie by Lucero and Luis Miguel came to relate them sentimentally, there was a lot of chemistry: "We grabbed each other’s sweaty hands".

Lucero talks about her relationship with Luis Miguel | Mexico News | THE IMPARTIAL

Many fans would have liked to see Lucero and Luis Miguel as boyfriends, but the singer revealed why it was not possible.

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Hugo suggests he better buy a house, to finally cut the thread with his father. Out of that shady moment, Luis Miguel goes out on the street and is praised by his fans, and they all idolize him. Unfortunately, at the fan signing, the press doesn’t ask him about the new material, and they just want to talk about his father. Tired of everyone, Luis Miguel wants it to be known that there is no longer any existing relationship.

Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. On the other hand, Luisito Rey finds it difficult to find a good singer for his label. In a fit of rage, his secretary tells him she knows someone who could work. Luisito Rey listens to the demo, he loves it, but when it is presented to him, he realizes that —physically— he is not as charming as Luis Miguel was.

Luis Miguel makes it a rule not to talk about his personal life, but to talk about him and his new album, ’20 years’. Cynthia continues with the interview, but not before feeling confused about it. Unfortunately, the editor tells Cynthia that the article is useless, due to the lack of gossip, so he makes her rewrite the whole thing. Luis Miguel’s love triangle Later, Luis Miguel moves forward with the move, and at that moment, the investigator arrives to see what has happened to his mother.

She warns him that terrible or unexpected things are often found, but the singer decides to continue with this. He, of course, is totally condescending with her. She asks him why he didn’t report the disappearance, to which he replies that he was worried about the press. To continue the thread of lies, Luisito Rey thinks that his new singer for his label could only lend his voice, and he could consent to "the pretty face".

At that moment, Cynthia, the journalist, arrives to look for what Luis Miguel did not give her in the last interview. Later, Luis Miguel finally goes with Jaime in Acapulco, to return the money he lent him for the hacienda. His daughter, Issabela Camil, is very excited. Luisito Rey in his label, tries to make it come true to unite the voice of a singer, with the face of the other. Neither of them are happy about it, but Luisito Rey offers them whatever money they want to go with the flow.

Here we tell you The singer, called Bosco, has his live presentation. Let us remember that in the last episode, Marcela gave birth to her third child, at six months of gestation. Marcela suffers a lot because of this, stressed by the baby and the absence of her other son. Already in Madrid, Luis Miguel suffers from the change of voice in his adolescence.

Already live, it is seen that Luis Miguel makes an extreme effort to try to sing well, without falsettos or errors. Juanpa Zurita tells us about her experience in the Luis Miguel series One day, Marcela locks herself in her room. Marcela suffers from a huge depression.

The good thing is that Luis Miguel comes to visit her, but Luisito Rey tries to separate them, as always. Marcela decides to go to a specialist, who prescribes anxiolytics for her depression. At this point in the singer’s life, we see him filming Fiebre de Amor, with Lucero. The singer is kind to Luis Miguel, when he sees his anger for lip-syncing. Luis Miguel receives a fax with who could possibly be his mother, although everything still looks very confusing.