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Video: 9 Years Younger, This Is Mercedes Villador, Luis Miguel’s New Girlfriend

Luisito Rey Marcela Basteri.

So far little is known about Luis Miguel’s new girlfriend. Karen Rodríguez was born in Spain, but was raised in Mexico. John Paul Medina.

Stephanie Salas Aracely Arámbula .

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Video: 9 years younger, this is Mercedes Villador, who would be Luis Miguel’s new girlfriend

Well, they had a fight and they didn’t come back. She remarried it was a love of youth. It was very difficult to be Luis Miguel’s girlfriend, imagine.

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Beautiful actresses, singers, drivers, athletes and socialites are part of his extensive sentimental history; however, the Sun prefers to always keep it under a halo of privacy and secrecy. Evidence of this is the long list of women who have left a mark on Mickey’s heart, as his fans and friends affectionately call him.

Mickey and I couldn’t be boyfriends because what time would we see each other?. The chemistry between the two characters was such that, at just 18 years old, Luismi decided to go live with her. I was in the middle of the two parts, I didn’t know what to do. made me crazy. At night we went to dance at the Baby and these guys started to like each other.

It turns out that he was 17 years old and he told me that he was 20, I almost died, I almost had a seizure, I swear, really, but look, I was also in a very shocking physical moment, with all my respect and humility I say it. It was my 30 years, in my best professional moment and when I met him we really hit each other, it was a mutual attraction.

He was very beautiful and I was not so ugly. Stephanie became the mother of Luis Miguel’s first daughter, Michelle Salas. The popular fashion industry influencer was recognized by Luismi as her daughter until she was 15 years old. The model assured that they shared the apartment to which Luis Miguel used to serenade the former Timbiriche.

In , Lucía Miranda, widow of Luis Miguel’s manager, shared with Who how was the stormy relationship that the couple experienced. Well, they had a fight and they didn’t come back. She remarried It was very difficult to be Luis Miguel’s girlfriend, imagine. It transpired that Issabela did not have a very good time due to the constant siege of the singer Photo: Special Issabela Camil did not like that her romance with Luis Miguel was discussed Photo: Twitter Daisy Fuentes They met and stayed together until Some voices point out that Fuentes was the reason for the enmity between Luis Miguel and Cristian Castro, who was also allegedly interested in her.

The also actress recently told the Hoy program how the courtship was by El Sol: It was in the way he behaved, he sent flowers, or he invited you to take a helicopter ride at nine o’clock at night. It was a very innocent relationship: we were both young. Mariah had to be hospitalized for depression when they finished, being herself the one who has declared that at that time she suffered a nervous breakdown.

Luis Miguel has often referred to her, hinting that it was an important romance in his life. Since that breakup, Mariah has gone through several unsuccessful relationships. In Aracely he confessed to the media that Luis Miguel did not spend time with his children, and in filed a child support claim.

Luis Miguel walking around the city with his new partner and one of his showgirls, the model and singer, Mollie Gould.

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