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Luis Miguel Series 2: Who’s Who In The Second Season?

Erika or Issabela Camil, couple of.

The cast. In the second season, in addition to Boneta, Camila Sodi, Juan Pablo Zurita and César Santana repeat; but we will also see new.

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Alex Gallego or Alejandro Basteri, brother of.

Luis Miguel, series 2: Who are the characters in real life | fashion

Mauricio Ambrosi.

Selena Gomez's Mom

Patricio Robles (Pablo Cruz Guerrero)

Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. That was enough to make it clear that Macarena Achaga would have one of the roles that marked the personal life of El Sol: the daughter of Luis Miguel himself. In real life it is about Michelle Salas and whom she recognized after many years. In real life, Michelle Salas has become a recognized influencer linked to the world of fashion in which she has also worked as a model.

I think it is very difficult to tell a story that suddenly sounds so far away, like being the daughter of Luis Miguel. And on the other hand, I want to see what suits me Patricio Robles does not seem to be based on a real-life character and is pointed out as a mix between different personalities around Luis Miguel at that time in his life. Azucena Teresa Ruiz The actress plays Azucena, a character created exclusively for the plot of the series.

Mariah Carey Jade Ewen Media have interpreted the posts of the singer and actress in networks as a confirmation of her participation in the series. Getty Images Between and Luis Miguel had a relationship with his colleague Mariah Carey, at that time when the artist also monopolized the international covers when walking important red carpets with figures such as Salma Hayek and Daisy Fuentes.

In real life, Carey herself has said that they met one Christmas in Aspen when they were both deceived by real estate agents. They told me that he wanted to entertain with a party. The breakup has been attributed for years to alleged infidelity. After López’s death in , the manager was Mauricio Abaroa, who only served as such for a couple of years, after which Asensi jumped into the ring.

They both met since they were little in Spain and Alejandro even came to visit Micky in Mexico on several occasions. José Pérez Juan Ignacio Cane Joe Pérez is one of Luis Miguel’s assistants in the new season Netflix At the start of the second season, the Argentine actor is part of Luis Miguel’s immediate circle as one of his assistants.

He works closely with the fictional Mauricio Ambrosi. Luis Miguel, they quote media, found out only a couple of weeks before the death. In real life, she is the daughter of the recently deceased Jaime Camil Garza and the model Tony Star and sister of the actor of the same name. He served as Luis Mi’s music producer between and the beginning of the In the series he is portrayed as someone calculating and cold who would even know what happened to Marcela Basteri, the singer’s mother.

The magnitude of that was such that over the years, Vicente Gallego came to file several lawsuits against the interpreter demanding compensation for the years worked. None prospered and Vicente even accused the interpreter in an interview with Ventaneando of buying the judges in Spain so that none of the complaints would favor him. He also pointed to the singer as the person responsible for the distancing of Sergio, one of the two brothers of Luis Miguel, from the family.

Castro affirmed that there is tension in his relationship with Luis Miguel due to his taste for a woman: Daisy Fuentes. He began to fall in love with her and she told me. So, since Luismi was a brother to me and I felt that he really liked her, I told Daisy to try going out with him.

I let him in because I love him so much", he claimed. On the other hand, there is no evidence that there was a musical feud between the two characters. The first is Pilar Montenegro, a member of Garibaldi, who supposedly had a relationship with the singer at the beginning of the However, due to the dates, the woman also seems to be Daisy Fuentes, since she mentions that she had a relationship with Cris Valdés, which It happened in reality with Cristian Castro, who dated the driver before El Sol.

On the other hand, it can also be Sofía Vergara who also came to be in Viña del Mar on the dates mentioned in the series. In real life, Daisy Fuentes, who is best remembered for being the first Latin VJ on MTV, was the singer’s partner for a while, beginning their relationship in Es la madre de Luisito Rey, and in the second season we see her fight for custody. of Sergio Basteri, the younger brother of Luis Miguel, and it is she who speaks with a journalist about the singer’s privacy.

The actor is the brother of Izan Llunas, who took on the role of the singer as a child. Basteri lived and studied in the United States, and is said not to have a close relationship with the singer. However, they later collaborated again. There are no reports that confirm that there was tension due to his relationship with Cristian Castro.