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What a beautiful smile! Take a look at the before and after of these celebrities who got their teeth fixed

The first years of his career, the “Sun” teeth looked separated and the singer decided to correct his smile to make it more.

The famous singer Luis Miguel offered a great concert this Saturday in the new Mexico City Arena before some people.

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The space between the teeth that characterized the famous singer, Luis Miguel is medically known as diastema.

The famous singer Luis Miguel offered a great concert this Saturday in the new Mexico City Arena before some people.

Luis Miguel’s diastema and the new Netflix series | Dental Clinic in Malaga

His dentist asked him to try something else before separating the teeth, so he placed a black permanent resin to achieve the.

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It usually originates in childhood, when the baby teeth fall out. With the permanent dentition, the teeth come together and the diastemas usually disappear. Above all, never create them on purpose when they do not come naturally. It must be an orthodontic specialist who decides the suitability of closing the diastema by checking the state of the bite and how this dental separation affects the rest of the mouth.

If you decide to keep the diastema, we advise you to have extreme oral hygiene and to visit the dentist regularly to make sure that no problems have appeared. For many people, on the contrary, it represents an aesthetic defect and a physical complex that they prefer to correct.

Some patients choose to keep it for aesthetic reasons, as they find the childish appearance they give attractive. A bad occlusion can have consequences on general health as diverse as impairing digestion, making chewing difficult, causing back, jaw, neck pain, etc. Causes of diastemas Anomalies of the labial and lingual frenulum: in the oral cavity we have two frenulums, each one located in a different part of the mouth.

They are membranes that allow the movement of different parts of the oral anatomy: the tongue and the lips. The main consequence is the presence of diastemas. The separation between the teeth in these cases is due to the fact that the frenulum occupies part of the gum, interposing itself between the upper central incisors and, therefore, preventing both from coming together.

Disproportion between the size of the maxillary bone and the teeth: in this case, the excessive development of a part of the mouth is also the origin of the diastemas. This occurs when the maxillary bone is too wide compared to the size of the teeth, so they cannot occupy the entire width of the bone.

This gesture, apparently harmless, has negative consequences. Due to the pressure of the tongue, the teeth gradually move until they separate from each other. There are people who apply pressure not out of habit, but because their tongue is too large, macroglossia. Dental veneers: dental veneers offer an effective solution with very aesthetic results. Veneers are usually made of composite or porcelain, each with specific characteristics and resistance, but both fulfill their main objective: to correct diastemas.

Orthodontic treatment is an effective method for any of the problems that form diastemas. Frenectomy: a minimally invasive surgery whose mission is to correct the abnormal growth of the labial frenulum. This singularity causes a localized gap between the two blades, so it is necessary to combine two treatments. Correct your separated teeth in Valencia At Inés Iranzo Dental Clinic we advise you on the best treatment to correct your diastema.

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