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Meet ‘Riverdale’ Star Madelaine Petsch

Madelaine Grobbelaar Petsch is a South African-American actress.She is known for playing Cheryl Blossom on The CW series Riverdale.‚Äč.

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Madelaine Petsch, one of the famous of "Riverdale", celebrates its 27 years this Wednesday, August 18.

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Played by 22-year-old newcomer Madelaine Petsch, we’ll see how Cheryl comes to terms with her brother’s death while still maintaining a facade as queen of Riverdale High.. The same can be said for Petsch herself. Therefore, this means that all the things that I have known about myself, about myself and the confidence that I have had have not been lost. that’s where i belong. Madeleine Petsch: Yes, it definitely was. Archie Comics sent me old Cheryl Blossom comics so I have a bunch of beautiful.

They also send me all the covers they have now of the new Archie. I have a lot of them. Madelaine: My mother came to name my brother, so it was my father who called me. Madelaine: I walked in and saw David Rapaport, the casting director, Legends of Tomorrow at the end of He brought me Betty Cooper to Riverdale a week later to meet the producers.

So, they pinned me for the part after they met me for Betty, for four months. At that point, it was early January [and] I read to the producers for the role of Cheryl. They brought me for study tests, network tests, chemistry reading, etc. When I finally got the call [that the role was mine], I started crying. Ironically, you’re terrified of water in real life.

Madelaine: Yes, I am afraid of open bodies of water. I was in a glass bottom boat that was broken a long time ago so I’ve always been scared. I took a 16 hour trip to Norway on a ship that scared me, all of that. When I read the script for that scene in Riverdale, I assumed they’d use a stunt double on the boat. i can handle this. Then I found out that the person rowing the boat wasn’t anyone who had ever rowed a boat before: it’s the guy who plays my brother, Trevor Stines.

We will have a giant buoy about a hundred meters from you. No one knew that I was going crazy. I had to wear these beautiful Valentinos in the boat when I entered. So, I was terrified to get on the boat, but then I got in and Trevor was amazing.

It was great therapy, but I was still terrified. Once we started shooting it was fine. It’s Cheryl. But going into it, I was terrified. You can ask Trevor. Glamour: Cheryl and her brother take the rowboat out on the lake at 6 A. Why? Madelaine: 6 a.m. That’s something that’s a big plot point. But the white, I think, is kind of an aesthetic thing, to try to be a dream sequence kind of look. That’s the first time you’ve been introduced to the twins, and with the white and matching outfits, they put you in a weird setting.

Glamour: Their relationship is a little creepy. Madelaine: Yes, as much as can be. There was never an intimate sexual relationship, of course. This isn’t a plot spoiler, but Jason was the first person to ever love Cheryl unconditionally. She really didn’t know how to feel about it because she had never felt it before about her parents or her friends.

Losing it explains a little why she shakes so much. Glamour: Oh, I like that. Or the revelation comes long before? Madelaine: We read the script last night, and we all found out who killed Jason. So in episode 12 he finds out. Glamour: Cheryl has some of the best lines on television.

Madelaine: At the premiere, Archie and Veronica go to the closet together and that causes a problem with Betty. In episode two, I’m having a conversation with Betty and Veronica. Glamour: You must have the best times to say these lines. I think this is like a dessert for you. Madelaine: My God, every day is like dessert for me. And not only does she get the best lines, she’s sassy and mean, but I also have [a lot of] emotional arcs on the show.

I almost cry in every episode, I’m mean in every episode, I laugh in every episode. I get all the juicy stuff every actor wants. Madelaine: She is a lost and innocent girl trying to find out who she is and doing a pretty bad job. I mean, she has no love coming from anywhere in her life now that her brother is gone. Even before that, he still didn’t know who she was. She is this kind of broken girl, who wants to see other people as broken as her.

She is from a very broken family life. Glamour: One of my Glamor colleagues compared Cheryl to the Regina George or the Blair Waldorf of the group, the queen bee, if you will. Madelaine: Well, the way the writers write the show makes it so sharp.

Yes absolutely. She has her moments; she is the queen bee of riverdale high. That said, I think she’s very different than any other queen bee anyone has ever seen. Her brother is killed in the first episode, so you see her go through confusion, loss, and abuse. There is so much that happens to Cheryl; she is not your typical queen bee. At least want she has a love interest? Madeline: Yes and no. And, no, I don’t think I want Cheryl to be in a relationship. That’s beautiful, and I think we rarely see it on teen TV.

I love that people can look at Cheryl and see that she’s an independent woman who can stand up for herself and doesn’t have a boyfriend. I think that’s cool. Glamour: I love that. I feel like every time she gets into a relationship, that person has to be someone who can really compare to Cheryl and understand her as well..

Madeline: Exactly. She would never date someone who would just take her shit. I met her once before but now she’s my best friend. I live with her. I saw her at the airport; we had met before but didn’t talk at all. Sorry I didn’t see you there. We talk every day. Before you go, let’s play fun superlatives. We have a very similar fashion sense.

No one really cooks on this show! Madelaine: K. totally k. Madelaine: Madchen Amick [who plays Alice Cooper]. Madelaine: Cole Spouse, definitely, because he’s a photographer and he shoots all the time. Madelaine: Lily. We live together, so we can talk about my relationships or personal lives or whatever, and I feel like he’s always got me back.

Riverdale airs Thursdays on the CW at 9 P.M. Related Posts.