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Photos: He Is Andrés Tovar, Maite Perroni’s Handsome Boyfriend, Lupita In ‘RBD’

Cristián Daniel Stambuk Sandoval better known as Koko Stambuk or simply Koko; is a Chilean singer, songwriter and producer, known for producing Kudai, Supernova and Stereo 3 in collaboration with Cristián Heyne. At the end of he edited his.

At the age of 23, Maite Perroni became a runaway bride when she left her then-boyfriend Guido Laris, a former producer of.

Andrés Tovar is the boyfriend of actress and singer Maite Perroni. Reform).

The 38-year-old Mexican singer and actress has confirmed her relationship with producer Andrés Tovar by publishing these romantic images.

Who have been the couples of Maite Perroni – Infobae

The former RBD confirmed her relationship with Andrés Tovar on October 20. Before him, Maite Perroni had courtships with other personalities of the.

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Why did they wait to make their relationship official??

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