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Dark Desire: Sensuality And Suspense In Netflix’s New Mexican Series

Alejandro Speitzer, Maite Perroni and Jorge Poza in a scene from the first season of "dark desire". Photo: Netflix.

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Netflix – – – – – – Alejandro Speitzer and Maite Perroni have just premiered "dark desire". I leave these photos here and slowly retire to watch this series.

According to several media outlets, which quote the Life box set portal, Maite Perroni receives from Netflix approximately between a thousand and a thousand.

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Netflix: Maite Perroni returns in the second season of Dark Desire The actress is back in part two of the Netflix series and.

Dark desire: sensuality and suspense in a new Mexican Netflix series

The Netflix project follows the life of a university professor that Maite Perroni and Alejandro Speitzer continue with the suspense and.

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Maite Perroni and Alejandro Speitzer – Melancholia (Dark Desire)