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Learn the best makeup tricks for a photo shoot. Looking perfect in front of the camera is now possible!!

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If you are thinking about what type of makeup you should use, we must bear in mind that everything depends on the kind of photos that are going to be taken.

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How to do makeup for a photography session

Of course it is difficult to suggest in a single article a type of makeup that applies to any photo session. However, we will establish some general principles that are usually necessary in most cases. How to put on makeup for a photography session Correcting imperfections, an essential step In the first place, we must take care of covering or nuanced dark circles, pimples, redness and any other facial feature that is unsightly.

Remember to blend the concealer well so that it is not noticeable in the shots of the face in detail; matte colors are usually very effective in giving a velvet effect in photos. On the other hand, it is also advisable to apply moisturizer and a good makeup primer. You also have the alternative of sealing with compact powder. Illuminate and color the key points After applying the base, proceed to place illuminator in certain areas of the face.

In general, the forehead, the wings of the nose, the chin and the corner of the lips are usually accentuated. The eyes, essential Both the lips and the eyes are the elements in which we have a greater range of options.

To play it safe, however, you can opt for nude shades of eye shadow with a surefire dark or brown eyeliner. Remember that, in an artistic creation such as a photography session, the details acquire a much greater relevance.

Other tips for a photography session As well as before we detailed some issues that should be done, it is also worth highlighting those that are not advisable. Image: Youtube. Do not use illuminators in excess: Do not choose too light colors either; these could have the same effect as the one discussed with the bronzer.

For black and white photos: Do not use red or black colors, as they become too intense gray.