Makeup With Blue Eyeliner

Makeup Tutorial For Blue Eyes Step By Step

One of her most rebellious makeup was the blue eyeliner that she used to give depth to her eyes -even when she wore glasses-.

In this case, to add depth to the look, black eyeliner is essential. There is also room for copper and gold tones, which will make.

The trick is to make fine lines so that the eye is not so loaded and you achieve a delicate makeup, that nobody will have!! #3 Highlight your tear ducts. Choose a.

and that 30-year-old girls are in love with blue eyeliner, and now that we are going to put these two makeup trends together.

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Makeup with big eyes effect- Bicolor eyeliner This makeup with blue and black eyeliner is perfect for those friends who.

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You can also choose to combine two colors of shadows and then illuminate the eyes with white. Outlined The color that we will choose to outline the blue eyes is related to the shades of the applied shadows. With these tones you can create different combinations, for example: If you wear a day makeup with shadows of light tones you can highlight the shape of the eye with a gray or violet eyeliner.

But, if you wear makeup for the night, nothing better than outlining your eyes with a black color that combines with most shadows. The navy blue eyeliner is ideal for when you use other colors of shadows that are not blue. It does not mean that with blue shadow it looks bad, but when blue shadows are missing, nothing better than the eyeliner to complete the eye makeup. To outline the inside of the eye we need to use light colors to illuminate the look and highlight the blue hue of your eyes.

Makeup for Gray Eyes Shadows Gray eyes, by nature, have a light tone that should be highlighted with makeup. To achieve this we need to apply colored shadows that contrast with the gray of your eyes. The most recommended shadow tones to make up gray eyes are: Brown,.