Makeup With White Eyeliner

How to Use White Eyeliner

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Next, take an angled eyebrow or eyeliner brush (it must be very firm) and moisten it with a spritz of makeup fixer.


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Makeup looks with white eyeliner: more than 40 ideas to use the eyeliner that enlarges the eye. What if it was more important than you?.

How to use white eyeliner – 13 TRICKS

The final touches consist of drawing a fine line with the eyeliner and applying a generous amount of high-definition black mascara. PS: don’t.

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How to transform lipsticks into eyeliner

There is a way to transform your shadows and lipsticks into eyeliner, without making a complete mess on your face. The good news about this little trick is that it is easy to apply, it is very durable and it works for any type of eyeliner. Next, take a beveled eyebrow or eyeliner brush (it should be very firm) and moisten it with a spritz of makeup fixer.

Now, slide the brush with a light pressure on the shadow and proceed to trace the outline. Before doing it on the eyes, we recommend you rehearse the lines on your hand so that the result is perfect. To achieve this, put the brush 15 cm from the atomizer, do a test on your hand and check if at this point you have gone too far or if you lack intensity in the eyeliner. GOC Slanted Liner. Real Techniques Definer Brush. Sigma E68 Line Perfector Brush. If you want an ultra-intense color, fix with an eyeshadow of the same color as the lipstick.

If it is a liquid lipstick that tends to dry out, it is infallible that you previously apply a good eye cream. Getty Images.

Tutorial: Neutral Makeup with White Eyeliner – Alejandra Galindo