‘Aegyo’, ‘maknae’: How Korean Words Make Up The Unique Vocabulary Of K-pop Fans

Definition of maknae and hyung Dongsaeng is not the same as maknae. Let’s say you’re the oldest one between siblings and have three younger.

when BLINK and ARMY found out that the singer was wearing a sweater from Graffitionmind, a brand founded by the brother of the Golden Maknae.

Bob Dark Haircut

Learn more about Jisung singer, dancer, rapper but above all the Forever Maknae of NCT, and see how he turned from a boy to a.

Most Unfaithful Sign

Diana Maknae. Diana Maknae. Following Follow Processing 3 SlideShares 50 Followers 0 Clipboards. ×. header modal. One fine body Yes No. Seoul, Korea.

Do you know why RM from BTS gave Jungkook the Golden Maknae?? | KPOPLAT

Jungkook, aka the golden maknae, REVEALS he survived alone in the water before filming Butter’s music video.

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