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Maluma Phrases

For one thing or another they will always judge you.

Creator Of The Umbrella Academy

Money doesn’t make you great and poverty doesn’t make you humble.

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If it wasn’t for my fans a lot of things wouldn’t happen.

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Thank you for motivating me to sing every day.

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Money doesn’t make you great and poverty doesn’t make you humble.

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Whenever she walks away from me she comes back to my arms, she knows she can’t get me a replacement. I’m like time, if I’ve already been there, it didn’t come back, that’s why you have to take care of me. For all those who wish me ill, I hope they have a long life and so they can see everything I am achieving. I have always been a very calm person, the one that turned out to be restless was my mind.

Most people are hypocrites and only come to you when they need you. You don’t have to keep looking at the past, when you have a whole future waiting for you to open up new horizons. And it is that if the day of the hypocrite existed, I would be the first to congratulate a few people. Well, there is no other way, the person who drops the glove has to put up with it, that’s how things are. In this attraction that we feel, there is so much chemistry that our desire to sin is noticeable from afar.

There’s no point in you being with someone else if you constantly picture me in your room. Maluma’s phrases in songs The past cannot be erased, changed or edited, it can only be accepted and overcome. When I was a child I had the dream of being an artist, every day I wrote song lyrics in the notebooks.

I live life to my liking, in my own way, no one has to give an opinion since it is not their problem, that each crazy person goes with his theme. The trick to relationships is to give the same amount of interest that they give you.